Saturday, June 25, 2005

Who's Your Driver?

All that money the Mets pay Pedro Martinez, and they don't provide him a driver to get him to Yankee Stadium quicker than three hours? Pedro's lucky he didn't get his front teeth busted in like a certain other Mets starter in a cab. How exactly is the Mets' 2005 meal ticket allowed to roam the city like Pascual Perez?

And he still pitched eight strong against the Yankees tonight for the 6-4 win. Who's your daddy?

Good to see Carlos Beltran not only hit a home run (another one with Pedro on the mound), but run full tilt after Godzilla's drive to center with two outs in the eighth and catch up to it before crashing into the wall. Looks like that quad's getting better.

Good to see Cliff Floyd be Cliff Floyd, with his homer and his juggling catch.

Good to see Doug Mientkiewicz go to left field in the ninth inning to set up the sixth run. Now I'm willing to believe the slump may be over.

Good to see Marlon Anderson keep hustling down the first base line (he was robbed).

Good to see the Mets lineup work Mussina's pitch count. He was at 105 through six innings, while Pedro was at 106 through eight.

And Braden, I know you're not Armando Benitez, and I appreciate that fact. But could you please stop trying to make sure your games get aired on ESPN Classic? Boring wins are nice too. No need to put the tying run on the plate for fun. That's not fun, that's agita.

And one more note on whoever was driving Pedro to the game: I hear Glavine needs a ride tomorrow. Is that guy available? I hear Tom has never seen Altoona, PA before.


Mets Guy in Michigan said...

Awesome blog! I found it today. Nice work, especially the counters.

I'm at OK if I add you to my Mets links?
Keep up the good work!


Metstradamus said...

Dave, thanks! Absolutely add me, and I will reciprocate!