Friday, June 10, 2005

Go Figure

Lucky us, right?

The Mets get the break in the division, getting three extra games against a team that has as much trouble on the road as a Howard Dean primary, yet wind up losing two of three to the Astros after tonight's 6-3 11 inning loss. The Mets miss the big bad Texas Rangers, but they lose 2 of 3 to the Phillies.

Lucky us.

This isn't the time to start throwing away games they should win, especially as the Washington Nationals have been hypnotized into thinking they're the Big Red Machine (or insert your own baseball dynasty here). Anybody who thinks that a team that has an anchor like Livan Hernandez is going away is sadly mistaken. And if the good-sense challenged Nats owners (Major League Baseball) allow the team to make in-season acquisitions, they could run away.

These next six games against the Angels and Athletics are key. The Angels may or may not have Vlad Guerrero (who should be on our disabled list and not that of L.A., thanks again Wilpon family!) continuing a remarkable streak of Mets opponents missing their stars (Bagwell, Bonds, Larry Jones, etc.), and the Athletics can't hit (and they're missing Rich Harden themselves). This is a yet another set of games that the Mets need to take advantage of, and get themselves away from that friggin dock.

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