Sunday, June 19, 2005

Mike DeJean: The New Mike Stanton

On this father's day, you can forget "Who's Your Daddy?"

I want to know who Mike DeJean's Godfather is.

You see it all the time in everyday life, where it's not always the most qualified candidate that fills the job opening, but rather it's the candidate who has the right person looking out for them. In my line of work, it's called "having a Godfather".

So who exactly is Mike DeJean's Godfather, that Willie Randolph deems Aaron Heilman important enough to hold the Mariners to a 5 run lead for 2 and 1/3 innings, but doesn't deem him important enough to pitch with the Mets only down by one...instead, turning to the man who opposing batters have a .327 average against after closing the gap to within one? The Mets get a huge lift from a four run sixth, only to bring "Hitaway" to the mound to give it back.

Aaron Heilman has been to the mound 11 times since his last start, which is when he gave up his last run. Let's create a pattern and run through them:

May 20th vs. Yankees: Cleans up the ninth inning after Roberto Hernandez couldn't hold the Yanks to a one-run deficit.

May 22nd vs. Yankees: Cleans up the ninth inning after Mike "Hitaway" DeJean implodes.

May 25th vs. Braves: Comes in to start the seventh down 0-3 and gives up one hit in 1 and 2/3 innings.

May 29th vs. Marlins: Pitches the eighth after Bell, Koo, and "Hitaway" turn a 2-1 lead into a 6-2 deficit. Heilman enters the game with the score 6-3.

June 2nd vs. Diamondbacks: Pitches the ninth with the Mets up by five.

June 4th vs. Giants: Pitches the ninth with the Mets up by four.

June 5th vs. Giants: Pitches the eighth with the Mets up by nine.

June 9th vs. Astros: Mops up for Heath Bell in the 11th after the Mets go down by three.

June 11th vs. Angels: Pitches the eighth and ninth with the Mets down by one...finally! A somewhat important spot.

June 17th vs. Mariners: Mops up for Kaz Ishii after the Mets are down by five.

Today vs. Mariners: Pitches 2 and 1/3 innings with the Mets down by five, only to have "Hitaway" let all the air out of the balloon after the Mets cut the gap.

Get the point?

That sound you've been hearing is Metstradamus beating a dead horse. I would have asked Carlos Beltran to do it, but he would just swing, miss, and rupture his quad.

P.S. "Hitaway" DeJean has just contacted The Weather Channel to blame the recent muggy weather on David Wright.

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