Sunday, June 19, 2005

Quickie On Cammy

From Ken Rosenthal at the Sporting News:

The Mets are reluctant to trade outfielder Mike Cameron, their most
coveted trade chip, while they still are in contention. Cameron's value to the
team will increase once he recovers from a sore right quadriceps and moves into
the leadoff spot. The Mets view his $6 million salary this season and $6 million
salary next season as reasonable. . . .

Victor Diaz right now is a fourth outfielder. So it wouldn't make sense to trade Cameron if you don't get another starting outfielder in return. And to me, Cameron is a different hitter than he has been. Some have suggested to me that Cameron's hot streak is a fluke, but he's taking the ball to right field more regularly, and right now, he's too valuable to the Mets...Omar Minaya would have to be overwhelmed to make a Cameron deal at this poing

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