Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Robby Alomar Comes Through

Roberto Alomar was a petulant whiny crybaby who may have been arguably the single biggest disappointment in Mets history. He cried when he was traded to New York, going on and on about how the Indians lied to him and the Indians traded him and the Indians this and the Indians that and Indians Indians Indians, blah blah blah. He whined and cried and tried to start a fight because Roger Cedeno made fun of his rookie card. (But come on look at this thing, wouldn't YOU make fun of it? He bitched and moaned that the Mets didn't give him a reason to come to the ballpark. (Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!) All this while showing none of the hall of fame credentials he arrived at Shea with, drag bunting every other at bat, and instead of providing gold glove defense, actually tried to field with one of his previous gold glove trophies.

But Alomar finally made the Mets a better team by contributing to tonight's 8-5 victory over the Phillies. He brought us Rolls Royce Ring.

Ring, who was traded for Alomar in July of 2003, was asked to relieve Kris Benson and hold the Phillies at bay in the seventh inning with the score at 6-5. He set down the side in order retiring Kenny Lofton, Bobby Abreu, and Jim Thome...not exactly chopped Steak-Umm. In a season where the bullpen has been conisdered the biggest weakness, you may not believe that Royce Ring has struck out Eric Chavez, Ichiro, and Thome in the last four days. He's earned the benefit of the doubt in big situations, which will prove to be a godsend since any option is less scary than Dae Sung Koo at this point.

So thank you Robby Alomar, for finally contributing something of substance to the overall health and success of the New York Mets. May you get into the hall of fame in 5 years...but only via paid admission.


michael o. said...

Yup, I like Ring. He is a keeper. To think he used to pitch in the low 90's. He must have been a stud, becuase he really looks solid so far.

Metstradamus said...

I like his moxie too. Say what you want about Randolph leaving him in to face Kielty in the ninth against Oakland, but that 3-2 pitch was gutsy for a rookie to make against a righty. Even though that didn't work, it's a good sign of things to come for him.