Saturday, June 04, 2005

Comfortable Shoes

All the married guys have done know, accompany your wife to the mall so that she could buy a new wardrobe for your upcoming trip. Well today was my day; although I did manage to stop and buy a Pedro Martinez jersey, so my presence was not at all wasted.

You may ask where I'm going with this. I'm amping up to give a shout out to Nordstrom's at the Roosevelt Field Mall. If you're near the island (or as they say out there; "Lon Gisland"), encourage your better half to buy all the shoes she wants at Nordy's. But don't tell her about the televisions in the men's shoe section that were tuned to the Met game today...or the chairs situated around the televisions for easy viewing. It's where I saw the pivotal 5th inning where Mike Piazza drove in two runs with a bloop single today (with a terrible swing on a pitch he had no business swinging at on a full count) to break a 1-1 tie and help beat the Gigantes 5-1.

Nordstrom's has always been the leader in providing comfortable chairs to men to lounge in while their wives spend the paycheck. But the TV's were an added treat today. And to that I say "thank you, Nordstrom's". Now, if they can find a little extra in their budget for a bucket of potato chips, I'd go shoe shopping every week.

So remember guys: Roosevelt Field, Nordstrom's, men's shoes, and TV's (one with open captioning for the hearing impaired).

You're welcome.

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