Saturday, June 18, 2005

A Vote For America

Anybody catch the "Vote for David Wright" campaign commercial run by the Mets during the Mariner game tonight? For those who didn't, it was footage of David Wright made to look like those Movie-Tone commericals from the 40's...and the voice over reads something along the lines of "David Wright, the nicest ballplayer in the majors...a vote for David Wright is a vote for America."

Nice to see the Mets hyping one of their own for the all-star team. I never thought I would see one Met player be singled out in a P.R. campaign for all-star voting. I think it borders a little too much on small market, but it's a class move by Jay Horowitz.

In the long run, I don't think it will matter...Wright won't be voted in, but may very well be chosen to play, especially with Larry Jones injured. Troy Glaus (.270/16 HR/43 RBI) Aramis Ramirez (.294/14/38), and Morgan Ensberg (.271/15/38) figure to be the main competition for Wright (.290/10/35), who tops all previously mention in OBP (.376).

Editor's note: Cliff Floyd's "vote for me" commercial debuted during Saturday's game against the Mariners. So apparently, they all get one. Well, except maybe Ramon Castro.

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