Wednesday, June 01, 2005


I suppose the let-down was inevitable. The Mets just finished a tough road trip against the class of the N.L. East, so an out of division opponent for the first game of a long homestand was bound to be a disaster, and indeed it was. No hitting outside of Reyes (3-4-5 in the order, 0 for 11), no defense (Reyes' blunder costs Benson two earned runs), and no pitching (Benson was average, Koo was horrendous in the seventh) and you have a predictable 7-0 loss. Someone tell the Mets that this isn't the 2004 Diamondbacks that lost a billion games.

Luckily the Fish and the Racist Native American Slurs also lost. The division gets tighter still.

Allow me now to briefly harp on some other Met matters.

Item: Mike DeJean argues with official scorer to saddle David Wright with an error after Sunday's loss to the Marlins.

So let's review, Mr. DeJean. You've had an on-field incident with a manager, and now you've pleaded with an official scorer to save your stats from the depths of hell. And in that process, you've thrown the jewel of the Mets organization under a bus. Oh and by the way, your pitching this season is reminiscent of a Newark crosswind. Congratulations Mike, you have now reached the calibre of a 1993 Met. There's some cotton balls and a bottle of bleach in the corner. Use your imagination.

Item: Jeff Wilpon pulls Mets players from the Mike and the Mad Dog show because of their constant Met rip jobs.

Jeff Wilpon, by any chance did you get your business acumen from Jim Dolan? First you turn the organization into a laughing stock by pretending to know baseball while ordering your puppet Jim Duquette to trade your best pitching prospect for a biology lab cadaver...and now you tell WFAN GM Lee Davis to stop treating your players so badly or I'M GOING TO TELL MY DADDY ON YOU!!! You are not only a suit, you are son of suit...that means if you didn't have a rich father you'd be flipping burgers at a Carl's Jr. somewhere. So stop it. Just stop it. Take the sportscar that daddy brought you and drive until you see fish. Then, go marry a mermaid, organize a corporate takeover of the lost city of Atlantis, and see if you can trade Zeus for Steve Reed.

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