Sunday, June 19, 2005

A Gem Among Mulch

A poem inspired by David Wright's spectacular play against Raul Ibanez (which I will focus on tonight rather than the fact that Pedro Martinez lost to the Mariners for the first time ever tonight by a score of 4-1, the fact that Randy Winn continued his mastery of Pedro, and the fact that the Mets still can't hit.) This is for all Met fans who had to hear about the Derek Jeter catch non-stop from July first until the Red Sox won the ALCS, and even beyond that. This is also dedicated to the talented Frank DeFord, who wrote a vomit inducing Derek Jeter poem in Sports Illustrated after that July first catch. DeFord and his Yankee loving carcass can kiss it!

It must be hard to drive a bus,
with busted wheels and such...
To be the only cog in Queens,
can be a bit too much.

But David Wright's a special breed,
he showed it in Seattle...
Diving, risking life and limb,
and staying in the battle.

His play was much deserving,
of a poem by Frank DeFord...
But David Wright is not a Yank,
so he won't be adored.

It's not exclusive to have been,
at third base for the Mets...
But Wright may be the Rolls Royce,
among Pintos and Corvettes.

There's Charles and Ventura,
Alfonzo and Todd Zeile...
But also Aspromonte,
Phil Linz and Bobby Pfeil.

There's Shipley, Hojo, Hartdke,
Doug Flynn and Richie Hebner...
With Almon, Backman, Chapman,
and Manny Alexander.

But now we have a player,
who might just top them all...
He's so good we forget sometimes,
the Mets can't hit the ball.

We've got a stud for years to come,

patrolling that third sack...
Let's hope that he's not traded for
a sandwich and a snack.

So while there may be struggles,
fear not because in sight...
are better Flushing days ahead,
all thanks to David Wright.

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