Thursday, June 23, 2005

What's The Scenario?

Friday: Pedro Martinez (7-2, 2.76 ERA) vs. Mike Mussina (8-4, 3.82 ERA)

Saturday: Tom Glavine (4-7, 5.06 ERA) vs. Sean Henn (0-2, 10.29 ERA)

Sunday: Kris Benson (6-2, 3.90 ERA) vs. Randy Johnson (7-5, 4.02 ERA)

Why the Mets will sweep the Yankees:

Pedro Martinez will be Pedro Martinez in the first game, and Mike Mussina will have his pitch count worked and the Mets lineup will bear down and hit Mussina's mistakes for a game one win.

The Mets lineup will cream the rookie Henn to make up for any shortcomings by Glavine and the Mets will come away with the second game.

Kris Benson will continue his mastery of the Yankees, and Randy Johnson will continue his slide into retirement, perhaps giving up another double to Dae Sung Koo in the process.

The Mets will be energized by taking 2 of 3 from Philly, while the Yankees will still reel from losing three of four to the Devil Rays.

Why the Yankees will sweep the Mets:

Pedro Martinez will start seeing ghosts again at Yankee Stadium, and the Mets lineup doesn't bother to work pitch counts against Mussina as the Yankees take game one.

The Mets lineup will continue their struggles against rookies as Sean Henn looks like Steve Carlton, and Tom Glavine will look like, well Tom Glavine as the Mets drop the second game.

The Yankees will figure out Kris Benson, and Randy Johnson will return to form as the Yankees complete the sweep.

The Yankees will be motivated by seeing the Mets instead of the Devil Rays, and the Mets will be intimitated in Yankee Stadium instead of Citizens Bank Park.

So what will actually happen?

I like Pedro in game one but strange things happen to him in Yankee Stadium. But here's the key: If the Mets lineup is patient and works Mussina they'll take the first game.

I know Sean Henn is on the mound, but for some reason I have a horrible feeling about game two. The Mets don't hit rookies, and I have a feeling that if they even start to hit Henn, Torre will have a quick hook. I don't no confidence in Tom Glavine for Saturday. The key? Aaron Heilman. There is no doubt he'll be pressed into it when Glavine is pulled. He needs to hold the fort down and hope that the Mets provide him with run support against Henn.

Game three is the kicker. Benson has been the Mets stopper lately, and he's been getting a ton of run support. The Mets solved Randy Johnson in their last meeting...can they do it again? I think they will.

So I'll say:

Game One: Mets, but it's a toss up
Game Two: Yankees
Game Three: Mets

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