Friday, June 03, 2005

Cats, AND Dogs

Friday's Giants/Mets game has been washed out.

Here are the new pitching matchups according to the Mets website:

Saturday afternoon's game will feature tonight's washed out matchup, Noah Lowry vs. Tom Glavine.

"Obviously, I would have liked to have pitched [Friday], but there's nothing you
can do about the weather." -Tom Glavine

It's not often Tom Glavine gets to use one of his patented excuses a day beforehand in case he loses. But now it's built in for him. Great.

It gets interesting on Sunday. The first game will feature Brett Tomko and Kaz Ishii. Tomko was originally slated to go against Kris Benson for the ESPN game. Now, Benson will face Jason Schmidt, who was originally set to go on Saturday. After having a strained right shoulder, Schmidt could use all the extra rest he could get. The prime time matchup becomes a matchup of former Pirates; one blossomed after he left, the other hopes to be on track for the same thing.

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