Friday, June 10, 2005

First In War, First In Peace...

This is what I was afraid of.

So the Nationals are, in fact, allowed to make moves as they traded Tomo Ohka to the Brewers for second baseman Junior Spivey today. Besides showing Ohka and the rest of the Nats who's boss (Ohka showed up Frank Robinson during a pitching change earlier this week), this gives them a better option at second base than Carlos Baerga (who I heard Pete Weber mistakenly picked up with three fingers to try to convert a 7-10 split) until Jose Vidro comes back from injury. Don't be surprised if Spivey replaces the sub-Mendoza line hitting Cristian Guzman at shortstop just to keep Spivey in the lineup.

And Ryan Drese, who the Nationals picked up on waivers to replace Ohka, isn't exactly chicken scratch. He's a sinkerballer who will benefit from a bigger ballpark where his mistakes won't be home runs. They might be three base errors because that outfield is shaky with the leather, but they won't be home runs. Drese has benefitted from the tutelage of Rangers pitching coach Orel Hershiser.

This trade comes a day after the Phillies traded for their latest boo bird Ugueth Urbina, so the N.L. East stakes are officially raised for the Mets. Remember though, this isn't about's about the right move at the right time. Lefty for the bullpen would be just fine, no need to go nuts.

Your move, Omar.

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