Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Mike DeJean Released!

The Godfather has been whacked. Party's at my place.

Funny how Willie Randolph told us that there's no use having him on the team if he can't produce, and now he's gone.

And Kaz Matsui is on the DL? Wow, that's two fifths of the hate list! If I were Tom Glavine, I wouldn't get into any more cabs.

What's that you say? The moves mean that Dae Sung Koo and Gerald Williams make their return?

Party's over.

P.S. DeJean has just gone to the official scorer and blamed David Wright for getting released.


Anonymous said...

I was so happy when I heard this news, and I was immediately dejected when I heard Koo was coming back in his place.
Just like a bad penny, these guys keep turning up. It's like when you cut off the head of a snake, a left handed even worse one grows back in it's place.Now that fossil Gerald Williams is coming back? UGHHHH.

Metstradamus said...

Willie loves those ex-Yankee veterans, doesn't he?