Saturday, June 18, 2005


I was scared when Ichiro strode to the plate against Kaz Ishii in the third inning with two runners on and first base open. Was it because Ichiro was hitting .374 against lefties since 2002 as opposed to .320 against righties?

Yes, but I wasn't aware of those stats at the time.

I was aware, however, that in MVP Baseball 2005, Ichiro actually has some cold zones when a righty is on the hill. Against lefties though, his hitting zone is full of freakin' red. He slammed an opposite field HR off of Arthur Rhodes just hours ago.

This is how I get my scouting games. I'm pathetic.

But unfortunately, I was also right.

So Willie Randolph, now you know. Ichiro hits lefties well in EA Sports' MVP baseball 2005. Could you walk him next time please?

And if you don't believe me Willie, use this rule...Any player who is even mentioned in the same PARAGRAPH as "Hall of Fame", walk him with first base open. Please.

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