Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Too Little, Too Late!

Mets musings from my time away, otherwise known as: A Day Late And a Few Bucks Short:

Danny Graves officially a Met, Manny Aybar gone: I promised, no shots at Danny Graves. He's a cheap option, has upside if Rick Peterson can tweak his arm angle (that seems to be the standard procedure for pitchers from the scrap heap), and best case scenario, gives the Mets only 2 mop up pitchers instead of three. Unfortunately, Aaron Heilman has become one of those mop-up men, and could unfortunately be buried further in that role if Graves becomes useful.

Mets announce plans for new stadium: It's partly to help save the Olympics, but Freddy Coupon claims he would build it regardless of NYC2012. After the original 1998 announcement of the new Ebbets Field though, I'm skeptical. And Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who cheerled the original Jets stadium deal, says that this plan is a "tougher sell" than the Jets stadium. Lovely, more teasing. If I want to be teased, I'll go back on the dating circuit.

This does mean that the Mets may very well play home games in Yankee Stadium during either the building process, or during the Olympics themselves, which would induce some reverse peristalsis on my part. But I will ask this: Why would the Yankees follow the Mets announcement by mere days with an announcement of their own plans to build a stadium, after they already made these plans known weeks ago? For all the success the Yanks have enjoyed, you would think that they wouldn't need to stoop to the tactic of headline stealing. But that's the soul-less George Steinbrenner for you. I wonder if they got permission from Derek Jeter to make this announcement, since every other player seems to look for approval from their captain to perform their patented golf clap in the dugout.

Marlon Anderson hits an inside the park HR off of K-Rod to spark victory: My only thought watching SportsCenter and catching this highlight was that this was the Dave Augustine play circa 2005. This was going to be the play that pundits point to as a momentum turner. So what happens? They lose the next two, of course.

Mike Piazza goes medieval on Eric Cooper: Yes Mr. Cooper, please continue your attempt to wake the sleeping giant known as Mike Piazza. You would love to see Piazza carry this spirit to his at-bats, but apparently both teams were complaining about Cooper's shoddy umpiring and his scene-stealing. In any event, if this gets Piazza going, wonderful. I'm not expecting miracles.

David Wright error costs Mets the rubber game against L.A.A.O.A: Will David Wright turn out to be Wade Boggs, who took grounders for hours at a time to improve his horrid defense and win him a gold glove? Or will he be Terry Pendleton, who will win a batting title while committing about 35 errors? I believe Pendleton actually did win a gold glove while making an unbelievable amount of errors.

Mets drop opener to Athletics: All of these World Series rematches from 20, 30, 40 seasons ago should be uniform throwback nights. Wouldn't you have liked to have seen those green jerseys with the white shoes and bring back memories of 1973?

Wait, we lost that series. Never mind.

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