Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Quad-ratic Equation

It's nice to not have to analyze and overanalyze Willie Randolph's moves with a relatively stress free 8-3 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies at Shea tonight. It's also nice to see the Mets not lose their intensity directly after the Yankees series. And it's nice of the Mets to treat a rookie like a rookie, and not like Steve Carlton.

But it's especially nice to see Carlos Beltran continue his return to superstardom (although he's not there yet) with a double and a triple with an RBI. Beltran's starting to swing like the October 2004 model again, and he's running harder and harder. There have been way too many nights where the entire middle of the order would be completely unproductive. Now, Cliff Floyd is swinging like Bunyan...Beltran is almost back...and even Mike Piazza had a Mike Piazza swing tonight with a dinger in the sixth. With the starting rotation settling into a comfortable consistency, it's the middle of the order will take the Mets to it's final destination, good or bad. One can only hope that the middle of the order will include David Wright before the season is over.

D-Train mirage: Jose Offerman made his Met debut with a pinch hit RBI single tonight. I was excited to see him in the on deck circle...waggling his dangerous bat around wearing number 35. But I must tell you, I was excited to see him because for a split second, I thought the Mets acquired Dontrelle Willis.


Anonymous said...

LOL-Dontrelle Willis-that was a good one.
I was starting to wonder about you getting excited seeing Jose Offerman.

Metstradamus said...

Dontrelle's a better hitter!