Thursday, June 30, 2005

In Other Washed Up Reliever News...

Mike "Hitaway" DeJean is reportedly close to signing with the Colorado Rockies.

Wait a minute. Hitaway in Coors Field?

Reminds me of some other bad ideas in baseball history:
  • "Juan Samuel can play center field, no?"
  • "Art Howe is available?"
  • "Put $1000 on the Reds for me...Trust me, I'm their manager. It's a sure thing!"
  • "Hey, during practice, can you get some footage of Kenny Rogers?"
  • "Hey Mo Vaughn, want to come to IHOP with us?"
  • "We're strapped for cash. Let's sell that fatso pitcher to the Yankees...that Ruth kid."
  • "Trust me, baseball will be a big hit in Tampa Bay."
  • "I can fix him in ten minutes."
  • "That Reggie Jackson is overrated. I'm telling you, Steve Chilcott is going to be a star!"
  • "Nah, leave Buckner at first for the tenth."
  • "It would be so cool, if between games of our doubleheader, we let fans on the field to destroy disco records."
  • "I can't tell this turf is artificial."
  • "I heard this Komiyama is the Japanese Greg Maddux!"
  • "Let's leave Gooden in to face Scioscia."
  • "What if we pretended the Mets moved to the planet Mercury?"
  • "That Nolan Ryan kid just ain't gonna make it in New York. Hey, Fregosi's available!"
  • "Hey, let's interview Bonilla."
But this bad idea from outside of baseball tops 'em all:
  • "I got it! Two words...Glow Puck!!!!!!!"


Whitney said...

Excellent list. Thought I'd add a few:

- "Hey, wanna scare some kids with these firecrackers?"
- "And they can play 22 home games in Puerto Rico!"
- "Normally I wear protection, but then I thought, 'When am I gonna make it back to Haiti?'"
- "I hate to part with Escobar, but I mean, this is Hall of Fame shoo-in Roberto Alomar we're talking about!!"

Anonymous said...

• Let's get rid of Amos Otis, he won't amount to much.
• Richie Hebner is our savior
• Randy Jones is a 20 game winner
• Vince Coleman is a good guy.

Sorry I got a million of these, I just couldn't resist spouting off a few.

Anonymous said...

One more-

Kaz Matsui is an all star gold glove shortstop who can hit!

Whitney said...

"I should torture myself daily by setting up a Mets blog..."

Metstradamus said...

I love all your adds! Making lists are fun!