Thursday, June 23, 2005

Jar Jar Jinx

Remember the proclamation by Dayn Perry of It was June 9th when Perry wrote the following:
...this is probably the team to beat the rest of the way. The positive run differential in tandem with injuries to the Braves and a fairly rough schedule ahead for the Marlins will likely mean a division title for the Mets.
It's worth noting that the Mets record when this article was written: 31-28. Since? 3-9.


michael o. said... stole one of my posts for next week.

I had it titled "The Kiss of Death".

Same link and all. I guess those are the pitfalls of having 1,000 Met bloggers.

Funny stuff.

Metstradamus said...

Sorry. But don't worry, I have a bad feeling Perry's jinx will still hold next week for you.

What I probably should have mentioned was that last year I was at the July 9th win against Florida which put them at 3 games over .500, their high water mark of the season. Since then: 27-50. I was the 2004 version of Jar Jar Jinx.

michael o. said...

Yeah, I was figuring it would and I'd get to break it out.

I'd tell you to stay away from Shea, but something tells me it's not you.