Saturday, September 17, 2005

Your Brief Respite Of Fun And Happiness Has Ended

Saturday was the baseball gods' way of paying the Mets back for Friday.

First it was the Mets' defense, who gave the Braves one out too many in the first inning on a David Wright throw which was mishandled by Mike Jacobs scoring a run, and leading to Adam Laroche's two run bomb.

Then, it was the umps, who clearly missed a trap by Andruw Jones (depicted by artists rendering above right) on what should have been a 2 run single by Mike Piazza, instead calling it the third out of the inning.

Then, it was the rest of the Braves lineup, who tacked on four more for a 7-4 victory, wasting dingers by Cliff Floyd, Piazza and Jacobs.

Meanwhile, Willie Randolph is experimenting with Shingo Takatsu...

"He's a guy you feel you can trust in big spots because he's been there and he has the funk..."
He had funk today alright.

Just not that George Clinton funk.

More like that "haven't showered in three days" funk.

All I'm hoping for is that the Mets come to their senses and give out those Willie Randolph bobblehead dolls after the game...or else there's going to be a few thousand incidents.

Me, I'll just hang myself with Friday's giveaway, my Mets fleece scarf.


But now for some good news: Anderson Hernandez has been called up to the big club as his contract was purchased for the 40 man roster. In even better news, Dae Sung Sisk has been designated for assignment. Here are some assignments I would like to designate for Mr. Sisk:

  • A 1,500 word essay on proper sliding technique
  • A Carlos Delgado scouting report entitled "Likes 3-0 Fastballs"
  • "I will warm up when asked" written on the blackboard 1,000 times.
Of course, it remains to be seen if the newest hope at second base will get some significant playing time.

P.S. Hernandez is number one in your program...soon, he hopes to be number one in your heart.


Anonymous said...

whats up with the water polo picture? i play and love water polo and was just wondering why it was up tjhere

Metstradamus said...

Water polo fan,

I'm counting down the games until the season mercifully ends. There are now 14 games left. The number on the player's swim cap is 14.

Jaap said...

I don't know about the rest of you but I've decided to root for a Phillies-Indians World Series.

The one photograph I'd like to see in tomorrow's newspapers are that of a Shea Stadium infield littered with rejected Willie Randolph bobblehead dolls, two or three of which are bobbled by David Wright and thrown in the dirt to an equally bobbling Mike Jacobs at first.

Metstradamus said...

Jaap that vision reminds me of a Ranger game against Buffalo in was plastic mug night, and the Rangers probably played their worst game of the season...with about a minute to go, a mug flew down from the upper deck and then all hell broke loose. The game had to be stopped to stem the tide...but then the game resumed with 30 seconds left...and I swear I saw Tony Granato shoot a mug into the net thinking it was the puck and raise his arms as if he scored.

So your scenario doesn't seem impossible!

Kyle in Newport News said...

Quote of the day, 9/18. Braves announcer: It was a good call by the Mets not to [send Floyd from third on a fall-over-himself catch by the right fielder]. They've still got a couple of outs to play with.