Thursday, September 08, 2005

Random Angst Ridden September Rants

Because there are so many thoughts running through my head, and I can't get past my blind angst and put them all together cohesively, you get...


Rant 1:

If you employ players with a ceiling, then your season will have a ceiling. I cannot be convinced that for the 2006 season, Jose Offerman, Shingo Takatsu, Kaz Ishii, and Gerald Williams will give you more than Royce Ring, Tim Hamulack, and Anderson Hernandez. And now that these Mets are all but mathematically done, it's time to start finding out if Hamulack can get left-handers out. Unfortunately, that fact finding mission came two Langerhanses too late.

Ice is a great influence in the lockerroom? Great! Let him coach next season. He can be the er, uh...psychiatric advisor.

Rant 2:

Where exactly has Royce Ring been...and how many puppies has he thrown off a roof to deserve the burying that he's gotten?

Rant 3:

The last time that there was screaming about the Mets lack of offense, the Steve Phillips overreacted by trading Kevin Appier for Mo Vaughn, and trading for Roberto Alomar. I pray that a similar mistake is not made by either:

  • trading too many chips for Manny Ramirez,
  • trading too much for Alfonso Soriano, or...
  • trading too much for somebody who isn't as good as Ramirez or Soriano.

Omar: Do...not...panic.

Rant 4:

This is also Ramirez related...unfortunately, you have to make Cliff Floyd the centerpiece in any deal. You can't have Floyd and Manny, two left fielders, play the same outfield. But don't expect Manny to duplicate his Fenway Park numbers at Shea. You can expect him to put up his road splits for 162 games...which would be fine.

Rant 5:

Keith Hernandez just said that there were three players that he played with in his career that he "intensely dislked".

Great...EVERYONE has a hate list.

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