Sunday, September 11, 2005

Crying Over Spilt Milk

I hate to play this card.

But I feel it's necessary.

Now some may say that it's useless to play the "what if" game. Better to look forward and not back. And that is, of course, the rational way of thinking. But as I sit here and watch another Met loss that lacks in offense and clutch hits while the Cardinals, who are having a very "1986" type season at Busch Stadium which has a very "1986" type atmosphere right now, I can't help but feel a tad sympathetic towards the current regime. I mean, just think what could be if the Wilpons had come to their senses just twelve months earlier and hired Omar Minaya to create the Mets brand.

What if Vlad Guerrero was in a Mets jersey?

Now this isn't merely a case of boo-hooing and what if...but as you see now, Omar Minaya and the 2005 Mets are paying for the sins of past administrations. And who knows when they will dig out of it? Yeah, Carlos Beltran was a necessary signing...but not if Guerrero was here. And you know it's a slam dunk that if it was Omar and not Jim Duquette at the helm, Vladdy is a Met. Now you see, every signing geared towards offense for the 2006 season will be a make up, if you will, of the Guerrero horror, and to a lesser extent, the failure to sign Alex Rodriguez for 2001. Remember, no A-Rod brought about the brutal trades for Mo Vaughn and Roberto Alomar. No Vladimir Guerrero brought about the Beltran signing, and all offensive signings and trades for 2006, whether they be Paul Konerko, or Manny Ramirez.

So poor Omar Minaya. He needs to be very creative in providing more offense for this team and try to dig out from past mistakes, because spilt milk still smells sour...even a year later.


On to tonight's 4-2 debacle:

When Jeff Suppan provides more offense than Carlos Beltran, you have problems.

A higher power is trying to tell Mike Piazza to find another career through Julian Tavarez.

And if I'm Aaron Heilman, I hit Albert Pujols. Hitting David Eckstein gets the Cardinals off way too easy in return for hitting somebody in the head!

Did Tony LaRussa really need to employ seven pitchers to defeat the Mets tonight? Has he lost sight of the fact that the Mets can't hit anybody?


erik love said...

Vlad and Beltran are not even in the same class. Their in different's grade's! Beltran ride's the little yellow school bus and Vlad Drive's a Benz to school

God I hate Tony Larussa.

The Son of a bitch is Managing like it's game 7 of the World Series.

Also, what has gotten intoKaz Matsui?

Metstradamus said...

Vladdy's a Caddy.

Beltran's a SAAB.

G-Fafif said...

Check out this vintage box score:

It was one of the least enjoyable baseball games I ever attended. I link it because it was managed by LaRussa disciple Jim Leyland, it involved seven pitchers (it wasn't even September) and the Mets were hardly worth the bother. I remember thinking "Fucking Leyland. Just like LaRussa."

And now? Fucking LaRussa. Just like Leyland.

Oh yeah...fucking Torborg.

G-Fafif said...

And notice who played and batted second for the home team and went 0-for-5 in the loss.

Miguel Cairo is a good guess, but no.

Darth Marc said...

LaRussa is a joke. That's why he only has one title on his resume. Because he overmanages in the season and his teams have nothing left down the stretch. What a jackass.

Hey infidels, I created another blog...

Tell me what you think...not that it matters....

Jaap said...

If the Mets had signed Vladimir Guerrero, he'd probably have suffered disc herniations, gout, and vertigo and would have ended up spending more time on the DL than Mike Piazza...

Sometimes a franchise just has a big, black mark over it and no amount of wishful thinking can turn the tide...

Anonymous said...

i really want to see piazza get to 400 HRs before he is through.. id love to see him do it in a mets uniform also

jdon said...

Do not want Piazza here next year. New blood. I do not want the same old guys who have been losing to the Braves over the past 7 years. Our highest priority should be to beat the Braves. Hell, we can't even beat John Thomson once. And then we have to deal with Smoltz and Hudson. Pedro at his best is a wash with either of them, and he may not be at this best that often anymore. No, Piazza has to go. The old regime must be completely purged. And if Manny or someone like that can be brought in, Floyd has to go. Another soft player. Thing is, both Cameron and Beltran seem to be soft players as well. Whew...maybe the mets are not as close as we thought.....when you recall that Vlad singlehandedly brought the Angels into the playoffs last year it makes you want to spit.

Anonymous said...

We need someone to fire up this franchise, because no one in the ENTIRE organization is able to right now. I agree to get rid of the Old Ghosts of Steve Phillips and that includes Cammy, Floyd, Piazza and Matsui! Maybe when Brian Cashman gets fired at the end the season, Phillips can inflict his horror on the cross town pompous arrogance. Oh to dream.

Metstradamus said...


Sadly you might be correct.

I always felt that way about the Jets. They had chances to draft Dan Marino, Emmitt Smith, and Jerry Rice. But Rice would have broken his leg, Emmitt would have been a stiff, and Marino would have developed a substance abuse problem.

It might very well be true about the Flushing 9. I guess the slight chance that it's not true somehow, that's what keeps us going.

Metstradamus said...


Ah the days of Wally Whitehurst, Dave Gallagher, and Jeff Innis. The "good old days".

erik love said...

Metstra, the Jets are gettin their ass handed to them.....some people have the worst luck.

O yea, Chad has looked like ME playin QB.

Hope he look's the same in Atlanta.

Mets Beast said...

omg... i was waiting or this jets game for such a long time... now i cant wait till its over!! im actually watchin the mets game right now lmao!

Kyle in Newport News said...

Prophecy time. Looper comes in today with a 5-run lead in the 9th. I think, What a waste, when we could be grooming someone else to work the 9th.

But, I think next, perhaps this is a sign of three things:
1. SOMEONE in the Mets organization still thinks the Mets can win the WC, so,
2. Looper is being used as an inning-eater to rest others in the bullpen, because
3. Looper will not be used again in a cloze situation.

What do you think, er, know? And who would the new closer be?

Metstradamus said...

Royce Ring.

I hope.

Jaap said...


About the J-e-t-s, yes, similar black mark/dark cloud. What about Testaverde going down in Parcells swan song season?

Is it just me or does anyone else note that Mets fans usually tend to be Jets fans and Yankees fans tend to be Giants fans?

Is that what you call the asshole factor?

Metstradamus said...


I had visions of Testaverde writhing on the wretched artificial turf while watching the Chiefs hand the Jets their lunch yesterday...

You're right about the Met/Jet, Yankee/Giant geographical split...but there's also a lot of Met fans that grew up while the Giants were winning Super Bowls that became Met/Giant fans...especially since this was right after the Jets moved to Jersey. The Jets moving back to Queens (I hope) would rectify that.