Thursday, September 22, 2005

8 in 8, Won in 9...How Can You Sleep?

Braden Looper is taking the Stewie Griffin path.

Remember when Family Guy's Stewie Griffin was moving up the ladder with his theatre partner Olivia...and after being involved in that fistfight with her on the marquee stage, Stewie started moving down the same ladder? His act failed at the strip club, the nursing home, until finally he's on the porch with Rupert drinking imaginary tea and performing his act for Rupert's stuffed animal friends...then finally in a strait jacket at the looney bin.

Well, poor Braden Looper is headed down that same path. He failed in the marquee stage against Atlanta, then started failing on smaller stages. Tonight, in blowing his 8th save, he has failed at the nursing home...otherwise known as "the eighth inning".

Suffice it to say, the phrase "garden variety" appears many times.-Stewie Griffin
And if my eyes weren't decieving me, and Braden Looper was indeed crying tonight, then the looney bin can't be that far away.

The Mets came back and won the game 5-4 in the ninth on a Mike Piazza single in the bottom of the eighth, and a Miguel Cairo single in the ninth which scored the hustling Jose Reyes. They're now just a game under the magical .500 mark.

Meanwhile, in another sign that there's absolutely nobody left on the bandwagon, MSG's "Mets Rewind" has been shortened to an hour from it's usual two hours. By the time the season ends, MSG might squeeze "Mets Rewind" during commercials of Ethan Zohn's "Metro Soccer Report".


The Mets TV announcers metioned that Mike Jacobs wouldn't mind catching next season, but really enjoys playing first base.


That's back to back walk-off wins for the Mets. This could only mean one thing...

No, not the world ending.

It means that there's smoke rising from the computer of Mark Simon as he tries to figure out when the last time there were back to back Met walkoff wins...was Mike Cameron involved?


If the Mets win on Thursday and basically end the Marlins' hopes, does that seal Jack McKeon's fate as manager? It would be a injuries were no help to Florida's cause.

" pause)...tough." -Fran Healy, after Miguel Cairo's winner tonight
Funny, I thought he was going to say something else.


Anonymous said...

Fran almost said it.. and payback is a bitch... i just wish the mets would pay a little somthing back to the Atlanta Biatch Waves..

.500 in 2005 or not, I really enjoyed all your Musings and Prophecies..

thanx for the good times Metstradamus

Metstradamus said...

Thanks to you.

metswalkoffs said...

Mike Cameron is correct.

Working late nights is a ...(geez, I feel like I'm on "Match Game")

Metstradamus said...

"Forgetful Freddy was so forgetful, whenever he needed to remember something he drew a...blank!"

G-Fafif said...

Looper? Takatsu?

What the deuce...?

Kyle in Newport News said...

reminds me of that old B&W Porky Pig cartoon where he accidentally hits his thumb with a hammer and says, "Son of a b-bi-bi, b-b-b-bi-bi, b-b-bi-bi, gun. I'll bet y-y-you thought I was g-g-gonna s-say son of a bitch, didn't you?"

Mets Guy in Michigan said...

Can they really put Looper back in a game for the rest of the year? I know he's a stand-up guy and all. But perhaps he'd be best served by sitting out for a while and Willie using Heilman, the Hammer and anyone else not named Ishii in the closer slot for the rest of the year, if nothing else but to audition.

And as I said on Metsguyinmichigan, Looper officially sucks.