Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Fish That Saved Flushing

May 26th, 2005. You may know that date as just a normal Thursday in the schedule. I know it as...

...well actually, I know it as my mother's birthday.

But I also know it as the day the Mets' season was saved.

Now before you go thinking I've finally gone bonkers, let me explain.

The Mets had just got finished dropping three games in Atlanta (surprise, surprise). That Thursday, the Mets were scheduled to face the Marlins. The starting pitcher for the Marlins that night? Frank Castillo, who was making his first start since 2002.

Admittedly, I was bitter about dropping yet another three baseball games at Turner Slime Pit, but I reasoned it this way...if the Mets couldn't defeat Frank Castillo...who is the very definition of "journeyman", then there was no reason for me to believe that they were going to do damage against starters who start every five days instead of five years, let alone the cream of the crop.

The Mets won that night 12-4.

I had the Mets eulogy all ready to go...on May 26th. But one win saved their hide...and I wrote this instead.

Enter Tuesday night.

Enter Hector Carrasco.

Hector Carrasco has been in the Nationals bullpen all season. He's actually done a fine job. But let not detract from the fact that he's a reliever (Carrasco's last, and only, start was back on October 1st 2000)...and if a Mets lineup that has recently struggled on the road against the Becketts, the Hudsons, the Smoltzes, the Carpenters, and the Willises of the world can't defeat Hector Carrasco...at home...then why even hold out for a miracle? Why bother to believe? Why worry about mathematics and magic numbers and strength of schedule and scoreboard watching if they can't beat Hector Carrasco?

So the eulogy watch is on again. You want to keep the wolf away from the door? Then don't leave your blood on the front porch. Don't lose to Hector Carrasco.

Tuesday: Hector Carrasco (4-3, 2.04 ERA) vs. Tom Glavine (10-12, 3.89 ERA)
Wednesday: Esteban Loaiza (10-10, 3.79 ERA) vs. Kris Benson (9-7, 4.00 ERA)
Thursday: Livan Hernandez (15-7, 3.83 ERA) vs. Jae Seo (7-2, 1.98 ERA)

You remember Esteban Loaiza from when he outdueled Pedro Martinez on July 5th 3-2...in the only game that the Mets lost against the Nationals in that four game set. Loaiza also defeated the Mets on August 21st, when he was only touched by Mike Jacobs for his first ever home run on his first ever swing. Benson is going to have to be at his best...and that makes it all the more imperative that the Mets take Tuesday's game, with Loiaza and Livan Hernandez coming up.

The Prophecy: It's a sweepable series, but the Mets must take two out of three while winning that first game.

If not, cue "Taps" once and for all.


jdon said...

Esteban Loaiza pitches like Larry Jackson against the mets. They have already beaten Livan this year. They usually don't beat him twice. There I go again. Prisoner of the past. I cannot help myself. When the metsies start winning games they didn't used to win I will stand up and shout. Here is how I feel: I was not disappointed about this year at all until the swoon. I was expecting 84-85 wins to be a great season. I would have been thrilled. But to get within a half game and then go into a coma ruined everything for me. They didn't have to win it. I Just wanted them to be competitive once they had taken it this far. Their pitching was okay. The managing was a little shaky. But the everyday guys went south. They choked again. I want them to go 12-7 the rest of the way. Just on principle i want 83-84 wins. But even if they do it won't be a great season. They are an improved team. But they are still a disappointing team. The taste in my mouth will not go away until next year. And that is not guaranteed. Prozac anyone?

Kyle in Newport News said...

It's an even luckier break for the Mets when you consider that John Patterson was supposed to start tonight. The Nats' website says he's been "ill," and both meanings of the word certainly apply in the case of Patterson.

erik love said...

Which good lookin blogger said the Falcons will out-bully the Eagles? Oh yea, that was me!

How does "Falcondamus" sound?

Make sure you bring Chad Pennington and his fumbles to the dome with him.

Kyle in Newport News said...

Missed Offensive Opportunities + Braden Looper = Probably, Almost Certainly, The End of the Line.

If the Mets lose another one to the Nats this series, I'll give up and start wishing Mr. Strickland and the Astros well, unless you can enlighten me as to any unpardonable offenses that the Astros have committed. I'm eager for these teams that have never won a World Series to get it out of the way so that I won't feel bad for them when the Mets start their dynasty -- which they will start with a Series win over the Red Sox, by the way, so the events of 2004 were most fortunate.

Although, the Cubs are still in the WC race as well, so maybe I'll have to wait till the postseason and start my well-wishing there.

So please let me know about any unpardonables. I won't ask you your playoff prophecies yet, as I imagine that's the subject of a future blog, but I will ask you what other teams you like in the NL.

Anonymous said...

taps it is