Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Running Out Of Words

It's like back in the early 90's, when Bryan Adams' "Everything I Do" was played on the radio over...and over...and over again. And only when it was played for the ten trillionth time did someone realize "You know, we think we may have overdone it."

I wonder if my the end of the week you're reading this blog thinking "Man, Metstradamus is slipping...he's writing the same thing over...and over...and over again. Well folks, there's only so many recipes for Loser Kiev that I can cook up for you. There are only so many words in the English language that I can think of for "The Mets dropped another one to the Atlanta Braves tonight at Turner Field."

Le Rencontré a tombé un autre l'un à l'Atlanta Courageux ce soir au Champ de Turner.

Het Ontmoete dat laten wordt vallen een andere een naar het Atlanta Trotseert vanavond aan Turner Veld.

L'Incontrato ha fatto cadere un altro un all'Atlanta Coraggioso stasera al Campo di Turner.

Das sich Getroffen lassen fallen ein anderer Ein zu das Atlanta Tapfer heute Abend an Turner Feld.

Det Møtt falle enda et et til Atlanta Modig i kveld på Turner Felt.

It's one thing after another for Det Møtt as tonight's 3-1 loss...dare I say it, may have signaled the end of the line. What else can you think as Pedro Martinez, Det Møtt's silver bullet, turns out to be a blank as the lineup has failed him as they have failed every other starting pitcher a countless number of times down the stretch.

What else can you think as the Braves make the smartest move of the trading deadline by acquiring Kyle Farnsworth, who mowed down Det Møtt without so much as a peep tonight, while Omar Minaya's idea of fortifying the bullpen is getting Steve Nash's evil twin to throw a 80 mph fastball magnified to Miguel Cabrera's bat.

What else can you think as the following conversation takes place after the sixth inning:

Castro: All right boys, we got out of that one...only down by a run.

Randolph: What are you talking about?

Castro: It's 2-1, right?

Randolph: No Fluff, it's 3-1!

Castro: How?

Randolph: Giles scored from second on the groundout by Franco!!!

Castro: (Deep in thought) Ooooooooh, that's why the crowd was going nuts on a 1-3 putout...he sco

Randolph (Cutting off Castro) YEEESSSS HE SCOOORRRED!!!!

Fluff has been an offensive surprise, but he's made the two biggest bonehead plays of the season...along with having the biggest head in the league.

Ladies and gentlemen, I don't want to be Chicken Little, but it's late enough in the season to think about getting the shovel from the back of the garage and scooping a heap of dirt on Det Møtt's 2005 season.


Joe said...

I have written this season off about 5 times now and each time the mets bounce back. So therefore . . . ahem ahem . . . they're done! I mean it this time!

Honestly though, I do hope I'm wrong, but if I'm not, this has been one hell of a season. I say that because as opposed to the last few years, I have actually liked this Mets team. I've gotten so used to being so angry and hating the players on the team over the past few years. Even the players I bash today - I love to bash them (except for Looper . . . that bastard, I do hate him). The 2005 Mets had me at hello and if they are going down then lets take some teams down with us!!! Let's spoil the party for the other wildcard contenders. If my memory serves me correct (i hope it does - too lazy to do fact checking) I think the Mets play the phillies and the marlins and the braves again this month - they can still play catch up and break up the other teams fun.

Omar is starting a good thing and I think Willie has learned a lot this year. Remember this is his first year of having the main responsibility and he has handeled it with fairly well.

I've gone on long enough here. If this is it - than we've had some smiles. (except for that pittsburgh game - i was there that night and if i think about it too much i still get worked up . . . give me Acta's head!!!!!)

Metstradamus said...


Good points all, and I agree. If the Mets don't completely collapse and finish at 83 wins, it's right where I thought they would be (right where many thought they would be). They still need to make moves and certain players need to step up (I'm talking to you, Carlos), but that's another rant for another time...after the "tragic number" hits zero.

David said...

I used to warch the dodgers - now I warch the grass grow - its more exciting.

Anonymous said...

I thought they could win 85. If they do I will be tickled....

Why do they play like mice in Atlanta? Why do I call Cliff Floyd Scarecrow? ("If I only had a brain...."). Beltran doesn't even try to steal anymore with Floyd hacking at every pitch. Of course, Beltran isn't on base very much either is he? Why do I dislike Floyd--because he is dumb with a capital D--B. All that talent and he hits .270. Willie McCovey type power and Willie McGee type pitch selection. Tonight he gets a hanger from Smoltz and grounds into a double play. The guy should be a lot more consistent and a lot better average hitter. Instead he tries to hit everything over the roof and then tells the press how dumb he is after the game. And they love him for it. There is a word for a player like this: loser. I certainly don't want him as a role model for David Wright. He is probably better than Joe McEwing but....

Having said that I do not not blame him for tonight's loss.
Just sick of him in the cleanup spot.
When was the last time the Mets strung three hits together-Arizona? I am a pathetic mess. I watch no more games in Atlanta.

erik love said...

Not only does Castro have one of the biggest head's,i've ever seen. His Jaw look's like he just finished up a 10 round Prize Fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Cliff Floyd is so damn Steaky, It's drivin me nut's.

Matsui is just odd.

Eyechart didn't even keep that .250 Average so you can take that shit down Met$tra...

I'm so down, I might not even rightat my blog tonight..

Mets Beast said...

they are downright terrible... that offense man... just terrible... they'll be lucky to finish with 83 wins...

Metstradamus said...

Floyd is disappointing. He's had chances to make noise with runner on and hasn't gotten it done, for sure. Going into tonight he has hit .138 in the past week, .143 in September, and his Close And Late numbers for the season (results in the 7th inning or later with the batting team either ahead by one run, tied or with the potential tying run at least on deck): .188


Metstradamus said...

e-love, it goes down when he shaves his head.

Mets Beast said...

i dont believe this team... M.Damus, u hit it right on the head with this post...i really didnt read all of your post before i wrote mine, but i kinda stole the 20-50 idea lol... cliff floyd is as unclutch as they come, and so are the mets... they are a perfect fit...

Jaap said...

Cliff Floyd isn't paid to be the man, Carlos Beltran is. Floyd has more runs batted in than Beltran over the last week, and for the month, has more than twice as many as Beltran (14 to 6!) - (can't believe I'm taking up the mantle for Floyd but wow, at least ONCE in a while, he came through with men on. Do you realise Beltran's OBP was higher than his slugging percentage over the last month? The Hundred Million Dollar Base on Balls King. Maybe next offseason, we can spend 200 million on someone who actually hits. Ahem. Let's go Mets!

Metstradamus said...


You are absolutely correct.

The only difference for me is that while Beltran's non-production pisses me off, Floyd's non-production disappoints me...because I thought that he needed be the one to put the team on his back to make up for Beltran. Why did I think that? Because I don't have faith in Carlos Beltran this season...$119 million or $1. I've already written him off for 2005.

I realize that's warped thinking, but Floyd was producing in April and June, and I thought he had another gear for September. The team could have used it. But when it is all said and done, Carlos Beltran certainly deserves a much larger heap of blame than Cliff Floyd...and if it is sounding like I'm down on Floyd, I don't mean it that way.

The fact that a player in his first full season in the bigs is the best hitter on the team, no matter how good David Wright is or will be, is a problem.