Friday, September 16, 2005

Chicken Soup For Your Mental Health

Remember Rick Camp?

Remember that unbelievable home run he hit in the 18th inning against Tom Gorman to tie that epic game before the Mets finally won?

Well on this day, the first day of what will probably be another Braves sweep of the Mets, remember this:

Rick Camp is going to jail.

Camp has been sentenced to three years in a federal prison for attempting to steal money from a mental health facility.

Hmmmmm. Carlos Beltran's been doing the same thing every time he's collected a Mets paycheck, so I don't see the issue.

Oh well, if you can't beat 'em, bring 'em to justice!


G-Fafif said...

They're locking up Braves who homer against the Mets, but they're letting Chipper, Andruw and, for that matter, Brian Jordan walk the streets?

Talk about junk justice.

Mets Guy in Michigan said...




Damn, I love this guy!

And I notice they kept Freaking Looper out of the game, even after Pedro put guys on base.

Kyle in Newport News said...

Top of the 9th.
Pedro gives up a double to Furcal.
A single to Giles, Furcal to third.
He strikes out Chipper, looking.
He strikes out Andruw, swinging.
He walks LaRoche.
He makes Francouer fly out.

Tonight's game was so much fun to watch, and Pedro was incredible. That said, would Furcal likely have made it home safely if he'd tried, or was it not that kind of a single? And, if he would have been safe but didn't go because he was just as helpful to the Braves' chances of winning standing on third as going ahead and scoring, does that somehow make Pedro's shutout less of a shutout? (Of course not!) But still, I wonder how often this sort of thing happens.

The only unbeautiful thing about tonight's game, other than Beltran sucking, was Jose Reyes's umpteenth fingers first slide into second -- and it was still tremendous (if guilty) fun!

Kyle in Newport News said...

Put another way, it does not follow from a pitcher throwing a shutout that his team only needed to score one run to win.

Kyle in Newport News said...

I saw that LaTroy Hawkins just blew a two-run Giants lead in the eighth. Having Benitez as your closer in a September that matters is tough, but having Hawkins as a set-up man to Benitez is just miserable. Reminded me of seeing the Mets in person for the first time, last year, on the Saturday when they effectively ended the Cubs' bright season (2 games ahead of the Giants in the Wild Card at the start of the day; went on to lose their next six or seven straight). I take you back to a happier time...

Bell dominated in the top of the ninth, and then Victor Diaz was at bat with two on and two out in the bottom of the 9th. Victor Diaz was just another September call-up fresh from Norfolk and with only one Major League home run to his credit, facing one of baseball’s best closers in LaTroy Hawkins, but I didn’t care. I warned Chris the Cubbie that Hawkins had been working too hard lately. He looked at me kind of funny, kind of pitying. Then I was yelling VIC-TOR, VIC-TOR, thrusting my hands to the sky to spread my index and middle fingers wide. I’d yelled like this plenty of times before, for plenty of likely and unlikely heroes in hopeless situations, ready to flame out in a blaze of glory. But this time, the fire didn’t catch. With two strikes on him, Victor Diaz rocketed a home run over the same right field wall...

As far as I know, Hawkins has never been the same pitcher since.

PS. Jae Seo got the win that day, pitching a scoreless eleventh.