Sunday, September 11, 2005

I Can See Like, 80% Of Your Road Trip!

The Mets are coming back to town...and not a moment too soon. -Mets commercial
The problem is, they can't come back to town.

Turns out their key to the city has been revoked by Mayor Bloomberg after their 2-8 road trip, which has flattened their season.

The Mets players will try to get in their houses outside the city. But they'll have some problems.

Turns out someone painted home plate on all of their stoops.

At least Pedro Martinez became Pedro Martinez again today, and Victor Diaz's insurance home run Looper-proofed this one as the Mets swept up the remains of their shattered season and return home after a 7-2 victory over the Cardinals at Busch Stadium (yes, they scored seven runs, although a good portion of that was against Skip Schumacher and the Memphis Redbirds.) It was their first victory at Busch since 19eighty something.

By the way, the Cardinals announced after the game that they have settled on a name for their new ball park, as this will be the final season that the Cardinals play at Busch Stadium. The bad news is, they have named the new stadium "Turner Field".


Kyle in Newport News said...

Tides play Game 5 of the first round of the playoffs in Toledo tonight at six. Listen live at:


Because I know there's nothing else exciting happening in New York today. :)

Kyle in Newport News said...

There's also a very solid (and free) live video feed at:


erik love said...

Hey Met$tra, how many hit's to you get here a day? On Average?

Jets lost. Just move on to next game. It's just one game.

Metstradamus said...

Kyle, good job. Thanks!

e-love, probably between 100-150 a day...less on the weekend.

And the Jets probably played the most terrible game I've ever seen them play...ever! From start to finish...brutal.

Metstradamus said...

Hey, the streaming video works!

Doesn't look good for the Tide though.

jdon said...

If I see Marlin Anderson batting fifth one more time this year I will have a conniption. Mike Jacobs had more HRs in 4 games than he has had in a season. Kindly put people who actually drive in runs in these positions, Willie.
One quibble about David Wright. The boobs on the tube were talking about how good a trip he has had, hitting .380 or something. It is the softest .380 I have ever seen. Today he looked semi-aggressive. He has become enamored of 2 strike counts, letting I don't know how many driveable strikes go by with men on base. Truth is lately he has resembled more of a 2 hitter than a 5 hitter. I expect more power from him. I know he is young and I love his professionalism. I also love the fact that his defense has been exceptional since the All-Star Break. I love almost everything about him. But I would rather see him hit .285 or 290 and hit 30+ homers. He is capable of that. Maybe in time he will hit .320 and have 30+ HRs. But enough with spotting the pitcher 2 strikes three quarters of the time. It is not his job to work the pitcher, that is for the fringe hitters in the lineup. He should be whacking that tomato. Especially when no one else in the lineup is doing their job.

Kyle in Newport News said...


Jose Santiago allowed just one run on three walks and a single in the second inning, but golly was he wild. Mud Hens 1-0.

In the top of the 4th, Eric Valent singled with one out for the first Tides hit of the game. Brian Daubach walked. Then Lambin hit a bouncer right up the middle that could have been an RBI but for an excellent stop by the SS, who flipped the ball to the 2B for the second out. Nye walked with men on first and third and walked. Ron Calloway came up with two outs and the bases loaded and hit a soft grounder between 3B and SS that was fielded deep by an infielder for no play and one run. Chris Basak came up with two outs and the bases loaded and hit a long fly ball to CF that the CF ran back and extended his arm to catch for the third out. Mud Hens 4-1.

Seeing “Basak” reminded me of Mike Bacsik, who had a cheerful face and a great smile. I looked him up and found out that he played for the Rangers last year, and no one this year (at least in the Majors).

Koo came in in the bottom of the 5th. With men on first and third he made a wild pitch, good for a run and an advance to second. Then he walked the next batter to put men on first and second. That made a total of seven walks over 5.1 innings for the Tides, five by Santiago. The Mud Hens announcers called him “Mister Koo,” and told a story about how Koo injured his right arm as a righthanded youngster and thereafter switched to throwing southpaw. And Koo wore a sweet blue glove a la Pedro. And he got the next two out, but ah, not quite enough.

And shouldn’t they be the Mud Roosters?

Tommy Calzone said...

Osama and Co. should be on the hate list today....

Metstradamus said...


Maybe David Wright wants to be a three hitter instead of a 5.


It is 5-3 Hens now. That Dae Sung Sisk wild pitch is going to prove costly.


They're on the hate list every day...the one in my noodle.

Kyle in Newport News said...

I'm going to reveal my ignorance again: Why Dae Sung Sisk? Now, if you crossed him with Vida, he'd be Dae Sung Blue, which is almost a Neil Diamond song.

Here's the update through eight complete:

Valent walks to start the 6th, then a battled single from Brian Daubach. Men on first and second, then an out. Nye hits a deep opposite field single, Valent scores and men on first and third now. Calloway comes to the plate and hits “a little looper” just over the SS, RBI. Men on first and second, one out for Chris Basak. Basak flies out deep LF, runner advances from second to third. Joe Hippus comes up with men on the corners, two outs. Hippus strikes out on a highly questionable called third strike. Mud Hens 5-3.

In the 6th and 7th, Garcia (Tides) faced 6 batters and retired them all.

Somebody, Nye, and Calloway go down 1-2-3, strikeouts all, in the top of the 8th. Mud Hens 5-3.

In the bottom of the 8th, Garcia allows a single to the first Mud Hens batter. Then the next batter hits a line drive to Nye, who dives to make the catch and comes up to throw the runner out before he can retreat to first. Double play. Pop up for the third out. End 8th, Mud Hens 5-3.

The audio link is Tides broadcasters, while the video link is Mud Hens broadcasters and is about a minute behind.

Let's go Tides! (one-syllable)

Metstradamus said...

The Hens announcers have been discussing who they would rather play in the next round since the fifth inning. Wouldn't it be nice if the Tides shoved it down their throat?

Metstradamus said...

Oh, and Koo just reminds me of the lefthanded Doug Sisk...

Kyle in Newport News said...

Top 9th

Karnuth vs. Basak.
Strike 1.
Ball 1.
Strike 2 (foul).
Strike 3 (swinging).
1 out.

Karnuth vs. Liden.
Ball 1 (shows bunt).
Line out.
2 out.

The Mud Hens are trying to win their first playoff series since 1980.

Karnuth vs. Pagan.
Ball 1.
Strike 1.
Ball 2.
Line out.
3 out.

Game Over. Mud Hens 5, Tides 3.

The Tides season is over, good fight guys! Now get on a plane to New York! You too, Obie!

Metstradamus said...

Oh well, there goes that. Mudhens and Indy in the finals.

Mets Beast said...

is anderson hernandez gonna get called up now?

Metstradamus said...

signs point to yes.

Kyle in Newport News said...

A. Hernandez isn't on the 40-man roster (as viewed on, so what does that mean? What can a team do right now in terms of swapping players in and out?

Garcia isn't on the 40-man either, and he was pretty lights out tonight (3 IP, 10 batters faced, allowed a single). Tim Hamulack, who earned the save last night, is on the 40-man.

Metstradamus said...

Calloway was taken off the 40-man to make room for someone recently, so I can't see why someone else can't be removed...Dae Sung Sisk, anyone?

Kyle in Newport News said...

But anyone added to the 40-man roster after September 1st is ineligible to participate in the playoffs, correct? I heard the TBS announcers saying something along those lines today to explain why the Braves are stuck with the guys they currently have in their bullpen for the playoffs. They said it just minutes before explaining that Andruw Jones was the NL MVP because he was "the foundation upon which Bobby Cox could erect his offense."

Metstradamus said...


That's funny! I get it!

No seriously, yes. Hernandez would not be eligible for the playoffs.

And I see your Bobby Cox erecting his offense story with a billboard over the left field wall in St. Louis:

"Mr. Happy Crack says: A Dry Crack, is a Happy Crack!"


Kyle in Newport News said...

I've been wanting to do this for a long time now. Thanks for providing the impetus.


This is by no means the rosiest of paths; I'd call it optimistically realistic.

Sept 12-15
Mets sweep Nats in three-game series.
Braves sweep Phils in four-game series.
Astros split four-game series with Marlins.
Stros 78-68
Fish 78-69
Phils 75-72
Mets 74-72

Sept 16-18
Mets take two out of three from the Braves.
Phils take two out of three from the Marlins.
Brewers take two out of three from the Astros.
Stros 79-70
Fish 79-71
Phils 77-73
Mets 76-73

Sept 19-22
Mets take two out of three from the Marlins.
Braves take two out of three from the Phils.
Pirates take three out of four from the Astros.
Stros 80-73
Fish 80-73
Mets 78-74
Phils 78-75

Sept 23-25
Mets take two out of three from fucking Nats.
They almost win all three, but don’t.
Because rain starts pouring.
During the Mets eighth-inning rally.
Freak of nature, rain only pouring on 3B side.
But RFK groundscrew has been downsized.
Groundscrew man tries to cover 1B side.
While 3B side turns into moat.
David Wright stops grinning.
Game called. Nats win by one.
Phils take two out of three from the Reds.
Braves take two out of three from the Marlins.
Cubs take two out of three from the Astros.
Stros 81-75
Fish 81-75
Mets 80-75
Phils 80-76

Sept 26-28
Mets take two of three from the Phillies.
Marlins take two of three from the Nats.
Astros and Cardinals split the two-game series.
Fish 83-76
Stros 82-76
Mets 82-76
Phils 81-78

Last series
Mets take three of four from the Rockies.
Phils take two of three from the Nats.
Braves take two of three from the Marlins.
Astros split the four-game series with the Cubs.
Mets 85-77
Stros 84-78
Fish 84-78
Phils 83-79

So, the Mets probably won't win the Wild Card, but it could end up being real damn heartbreakingly, cheap-lossly and RFK-cursingly close. You've prepared for the worst, but I warn you to prepare yourself against the mirage of hope that will show itself in the season's waning days.

Metstradamus said...

I'd be willing to buy it if I wasn't so jaded. And that's a hefty collapse you're counting on from the Astros. I mean, dropping 3 of 4 to the Pirates? Who do you take the Astros for...the Mets?

If I bought into this, it would be like leaving another message for that hot girl in high school knowing she's not calling back.

Kyle in Newport News said...

The Pirates will be newly infused with youth from the AAA International League champion Indianapolis Indians, and will handle the Astros handily.

I'm sure they've got ten more Zach Dukes just waiting to finish the playoffs and head out to dominate The Show. These are, after all, the Indians who were down 2-0 in the first round and then won three in a row -- on the road! I mean, even the 2004 Red Sox had the home field advantage for two of their ALCS games!

But speaking of the Astros, Scott Strickland now has 1.2 IP in two appearances and is still sporting a 0.00 ERA.

Kyle in Newport News said...

And regarding the out-the-gate Mets sweep of the Nats, I'll point to the precedent of Glavine keying a sweep of the Cubs at Shea back in August.

In further support, the Mets are 8-5 against the Nats this year, and one of those losses should have been a win by forfeit and could have been a win by performance had it been allowed to run nine innings.

Finally, the Nats are coming off of a nasty, nasty loss to Chipper Jones today. Now when the Mets had to come off of such a loss, they lost their next three games.

Therefore the Mets will win the NL Wild Card. Q.E.D.

Jaap said...

Kyle wrote: "Sept 16-18
Mets take two out of three from the Braves."

Well, there's your fatal flaw right there...

But really - why stop at 2 out of three every series, why can't the Mets just sweep them all??!!

I suppose we'll all just have to settle for watching the Braves get knocked out of the playoffs yet again...