Friday, September 16, 2005

When You Care Enough To Watch The Very Worst...

I hear a lot of talk about why we should care about the final 16 games of the season. I have my own reasons to care:

  • I want to see if Willie Randolph flips out and throws a base or two.
  • I'm resigned to the fact that the Mets will finish in last place. But forget .500, I'm rooting for the Mets finish ahead of the flippin' Cincinnati Reds (The Mets are only 2.5 ahead of Joe Randa's former team).
  • Will the Mets get no hit?
  • If Chipper Jones has another great series, will he adopt an orphan from Guatemala and name him Mookie just to rub it in?
  • I want to see Danny Graves play for that next contract.
  • Will the Mets offset costs of Silver games with a 25 cent sale on beer? Oooooooh!
  • Potentially, three more starts for Pedro...three more chances for Pedro to "settle some scores" and start some brawls! Hey, if he gets kicked out in the first inning, it saves his arm for next year!
  • 16 games to see if Rick Peterson gets a haircut.
  • Will there be another fan who will try to get Cow-Bell Man thrown out of Shea Stadium? This is after all, the part of the season where tensions run high!
  • Sixteen contests to hope for that special lineup of Reyes, Beltran, Cairo, Woodward, Matsui, Offerman, Anderson, Castro, Zambrano. Fun!
  • Will Sidney Crosby get some at bats...oh sorry, wrong sport. Guess my mind is already somewhere else!
  • Hopefully before October 2nd, someone will but the paradoxial name of Angel Pagan in it's proper perspective.
  • Will Fran Healy break down and cry on the air?
  • Dae Sung Koo appreciation night.
  • Mets calendar night! (The September pages have been ripped out.)

Friday: John Smoltz (14-6, 2.95 ERA) vs. Pedro Martinez (14-7, 2.93 ERA)
Saturday: Tim Hudson (12-8, 3.36 ERA) vs. Steve Trachsel (1-2, 3.54 ERA)
Sunday: John Thomson (3-4, 4.76 ERA) vs. Tom Glavine (10-13, 3.88 ERA)

Those matchups sound an awful lot like last week's matchups where they lost three games.

Maybe next season the Mets can schedule themselves 30 double headers throughout the season and just take September off.


erik love said...

Good Job Met$tra, It's Sosa not thompson, i think.

Thanks again for the help, it was easier than i thought.

Check it out and tell me what you think man.

Mike said...

In that lineup Cairo definitely catches. He can just do it all, can't he?

Metstradamus said...

e-love, It looks great...good job.

The Mets website says Thomson. That doesn't mean it's right.

jdon said...

pray that it is Sosa--Thomson might as well be Greg Maddux, as far as we are concerned. Tonight I will be watching the Travel Channel. Last night there was an excellent show on about a family trying to decidse which $500,000 vacation home to buy in Vermont. I found it soothing, compared to an inning of Looper, or a Fran Healy marathon sales pitch. They took the worst-looking house of the bunch by the way, and the most expensive. Maybe we could send Willie to Vermont? Or Vladivostok?

Metstradamus said...

The Mets can't beat Hector Carrasco and Ezequiel Astacio. I'm not about to pray for anyone.