Thursday, September 01, 2005


I promised never to put Chase Utley on the hate list again.

By the end of this article, I will have decided whether to go back on my promise.

He was hitting .316 against the Mets this season coming into this game...and after tonight he has five HR's against the Mets with his two tonight off of Pedro Martinez in a 8-2 Phillie win.

He's Burrell Spawn.


It was an un-Pedro like performance, obviously, with four dingers given up. If it means anything at all, it means that it might be prudent to keep six starters. Just in case a certain ace feels as if he is wearing down.

The Phillies have basically ended an incredible run of spectacular starts by Met starters not named Kris Benson with back to back poundings of Jae Seo and Pedro Martinez. Could the Mets starters be coming back to earth? Or are the Phillies just an exceptional hitting team?


Jon Lieber (12-12, 4.81 ERA) vs. Tom Glavine (10-11, 4.06) today at 1PM.

Chris Woodward does well in two instances:
  1. When I'm at Shea (3 for 7, 4 RBI's), and
  2. when Jon Lieber is on the mound (3 for 8, 2 RBI's).

Might he be in the starting lineup for the Thursday afternoon tilt in place of struggling rookie Mike Jacobs?


OK, I have decided that I'm a man of my word...Utley stays off the hate list.

But make no mistake Chase...I hate you. I just get to tell you so on the main page.


Anonymous said...

Metstra...if you could fight Pat Burrell or Chase Utley in a back alley being armed with a led pipe and them being unarmed...who would you choose..both is not an option...

Metstradamus said...


When I would take the lead pipe to his knees, he probably isn't limber enough to jump out of the way. Utley? I'm not so sure.

I'd only fight him if I could go back in time ten years and fight him then.

By the way, you just wrote the next poll question. Your royalty check is in the mail.

erik love said...

Ok, Met$tra, did you miss me? Sorry for no post last night. You can't hate one secondbaseman, hate another. Miguel Cairo! It's time to hate that bum.

Metstradamus said...

e-love, who would YOU fight in a back alley?

erik love said...

Chase Utley, he's younger so we have atleast 8 to 9 year's of him killin us. I can't have that, I'll end it right now!

Burrell has already killed us, can't change the past.

But with a led pipe to Chase's dome, I can change the future.

Plus, I'm a crunk bad ass.

Anonymous said... royalty check is necessary...I have been MIA for a while, now I'm back...but no blogging..

It's Minglet..keep up the good work..

Kyle in Newport News said...

Metstradamus, I read that Willie Randolph is starting Zambrano tomorrow because he likes Zambrano's success in Florida, or against the Marlins, but Zambrano has only faced the Marlins once this season, at Shea, and he lost the game. What's the logic, and what can you prophesy about tomorrow's game?


Metstradamus said...


In three career games at Pro Robbie Stadium (only one game a start), Zambrano is 2-0 with an 0.82 ERA with a batting average against of .162. But his WHIP is 1.45, so it doesn't matter what stadium you're in, walks are a problem.

Unfortunately I gotta say, and I say it only because Zambrano's success in Miami has been so documented, that he's going to get his head handed to him. And I think that Steve Trachsel will snicker to himself.

Metstradamus said...

Minglet, good to hear from you again. Thanks for the poll.