Sunday, September 04, 2005

Plop Plop Fizz Fizz

Oh what a relief Jae Seo is.

And oh what a relief some offense is.

Fast, fast, fast.

With today's 7-1 Mets win and the Phillies getting pummeled 6-1 by the Nationals, the conversations about what the Mets should do to get ready for the 2006 season are put off for a few more days.

But Sunday's game directly correlates to what the Mets need for 2006. Is it a coincidence that the Mets finally see some offense the day they get some production from the two hole? Kaz Matsui gets three hits and scores two runs, and the Mets put a seven spot on the board today. One of the things that the Mets desperately need is a consistant contact hitter in batting spot number two. Painful to think how much closer the Mets would be with any consistant production, the production that was advertised, from Kaz Matsui.

Now guess what lies ahead?

That's right, Atlanta, which means more indigestion. So keep those pills handy.


Two home runs in two days for Cliff Floyd, including today's missile over the center field wall. Might he be coming out of the phone booth?


Had an interesting back and forth with Kyle a reader from Newport News (I'll never get used to that...I have readers!) It centered around the in-game decisions vs. the handling of the lockerroom by Willie Randolph, and in comparison to Art Howe.

I think something else that hasn't been touched on is the in-game management by Randolph, vs. the responsibility of the player that Randolph uses to get the job done. Yeah, you can blame Carlos Beltran for his inadequacies this season...but because it is a lesser player like Shingo Takatsu, it's easy to put all the blame on Randolph for using him. Takatsu, and anyone else who is placed in a situation where they are expected to produce, deserve some of the onus for not producing. Not all, but some.

Now if someone has proven to be consistantly useless, such as Tattoo You Graves, is placed in a big spot and fails, that's on Willie.


Hate List Update: The White Sox have also taken some Alka Seltzer, and are breathing a sigh of relief.


Mets Beast said...

hey metstradamus, meet the mets here... just wanted to know if you could get me a few more visitors since you know a lot more mets bloggers... thanks man

erik love said...

I got this one Met$tra,.....Meet, Write a couple more blog's than Email every other blogger on Met$tra's list, ask for them to give you a link to your site on their link section.Met$tra can't do this for you kid, you have too.

Go to get on their list and Meet every other Met blogger and ask for some love. You have the power!

Go E-mail the loser who kicked me out at Metsblog and ask for a link. Mike from the Metropolitan's, is a cool cat write him to, give them link's too. Ask EVERYBODY on M.Damus's list for a link and maybe a shoutout. You have to write more than that lil bit you have now though or nobody would come back.....

....Do this Tommorrow,after the brave game, everybody will be home then.

P.S. It's not smart to talk about a prettyboy like Carlos Beltran's mole. It goes back to the old rule, If he can get laid more than you LEAVE HIM ALONE!

Metstradamus said...

meet, you have a link here. The rest is up to you my son.

e-love, I could care less about his mole, I want him to get a clutch hit every now and again.

Jaap said...

What I liked about today's victory was that it was just like some chick who kicks you in the balls and then helps you up, you can't help but believe.

I've got a strange, itchy feeling the Mets are going to surprise us in Atlanta.

They're a team that thrives on pressure. If they weren't, they'd have folded in game six of the season and they didn't and they haven't all season. Just when you think they've had that proverbial, final gasp of orgasmic failure, they come back to surprise you.

Who among us thought they'd take three of four from the Marlins after that shit streak against the Yankees and Braves? What about when Cameron and Carlos nearly killt themselves over a fly ball and the next day Pedro losing a no hitter and the game almost all at once?

Be prepared to be suprised. I hate to admit it, but I've got alot of faith in this team. They've got the intagibles all wrapped up like no other wild card hopeful.

Metstradamus said...


I think there's a lot of credence in what you say. In fact I was halfway thinking of writing something to that effect. But I have to hold myself back from it because everytime I want to believe that the Mets will surprise us, that girl kicks me in the nuts again.

However, I am prepared to be surprised.