Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Getting The Chief Off His Back

It could have been set up to be the ultimate exorcism. Tom Glavine vs. the Braves in a September match up with playoff hopes on the line.

It all seems so pointless now.

I guess the only thing left to accomplish with a win tonight is for Tom Glavine to get the psychoanalytic monkey off his back and prove to himself that he can defeat the Braves in Atlanta.

If Tommy plans on getting over that hump, he also better plan on throwing the first perfect game in Mets history...with the way the bats are going, that's what it's going to take.


Fredstradamus said...




Mets Beast said...




lol... im still a fan, but enough is enough

Kyle in Newport News said...

It was just a little tear, one of those long runny ones that slides off the side, but tonight I cried during a baseball game for the first time since Game 7 of the 2001 World Series. That said, minus a Mets victory, I couldn't have asked for a better game to see with my own blurry eyes. I like the looks of Shingo, and think he might end up the Mets closer before the year is out. Of course, that thought was much more exciting right after he earned the second out, when it felt like that personnel change could mean something.

Anyway, thanks for providing this gentle space (quite a feat for a New York sports blog) for me to come to after the game. Knowing that I would be able to read the voices of other Mets fans, and not just the "heartbreak" hackneyed crap of, kept me from feeling downright awful after the game.

I think Minky shaved his head, though not right down to the scalp. Maybe he just had a bad haircut already.

My mother and I had a discussion the other day about the trend of scoreless games and no winners, no losers in kids sports. I halfway supported the idea, while Mom was very much opposed to it. Well, she came in tonight during the 9th inning and asked me, "If you were watching these two teams play, would you want there to be no score, no winners and losers?" To which I said, "These two teams? Yes. I can't imagine a better way to play."

Hang in there.

Kyle in Newport News said...

The explanation on the haircut is on the page, and features some fantastic quotes from Wright and Minky.

Kyle in Newport News said...

And that picture is quite a find for quite a caption... I just noticed the "chief" behind Glavine... who looks about ready to slit his wrist open with that tomahawk once he completes his motion.

Mets Guy in Michigan said...


And hellllo Omar. I think the valueable lesson here is that closers dumped by other teams ARE BAD PITCHERS! THAT'S WHY THEY GOT DUMPED!!!

Anonymous said...

Correction: Not only would Tom Glavine have to pitch a no-hitter to get a win here, but he also would have had to beat Looper senseless in a dark alley.

Which might happen now, in any case.

Mets Beast said...

i think the best part of tonights game was when willie finally had enough brains to take out looper... but he did it too late of course as he usually does... and it went to a commercial... the commercial that came on was the absolut vodka commercial with the peach flavored w/e lol... and its like "surrender" right after he took out looper, and me and my brother were rolling on the floor because it just says what the mets should do... "surrender"... someone shouldve pushed looper down the stairs to the clubhouse, and make it look like an accident...