Friday, September 23, 2005

How Dirty Boys Don't Get Clean

From the FOX Sports website...confirming what we've always suspected:

Men are dirtier than women. Scientists confirmed this by spying in public restrooms, watching as one-fourth of the men left without washing their hands.

The worst offenders were at an Atlanta Braves game. In contrast, 90 percent of the women washed up.

Wednesday's results mark the American Society of Microbiology's latest look at how many people take what is considered the single easiest step to staying healthy: spending 20 seconds rubbing with soap under the faucet.

It also explains why infection experts use paper towels to open bathroom doors.

In 1996, the society first studied how often people wash up after using the toilet. Researchers lingered in public restrooms while surreptitiously counting. They concluded about one-third did not wash.

Every few years, the research is repeated. This time, 83 percent of people washed, reported Harris Interactive, which last month monitored more than 6,300 public restroom users for the society.

The worst hygiene was at Atlanta's Turner Field, where 37 percent of the men left the bathroom without washing and 16 percent of the women did.
So is that why they chop...AIR DRYING!


jdon said...

Roberto Hernandez is done. He gave up a 9th inning game-tying HR to Carlos Baerga in Washington. Need I say more? By the way, did anyone see Carlos Baerga's hair when they showed that shot of him in the dugout? I almost wet myself.

Jaap said...

Interesting take on the hygienically-filthy Braves fans. Perhaps the Mets fans should take their cue and start covering themselves in their own faeces at Shea for good luck.

I wonder where Moises Alou enters into the unwashed hands thing - does he wash his hands after pissing on them to help his batting or does washing his hands after pissing on them defeat the purpose?

Metstradamus said...

We could ask Jorge Posada...he's another one who subscribes to the urination theory...