Sunday, August 28, 2005

While The Wound Is Still Fresh

I hope you're proud of yourself Armando.

Truth be told, I couldn't even watch the ninth inning today. I knew the outcome. But I already knew how it would happen.

No doubt Armando Benitez stalked to the mound for his fifth team in three years with that chip on his shoulder that seems to only appear when the stakes are of a personal nature. "I'm gonna nail down the save against my former teammates for the 76th straight time...oh yes I am."

I'm sure he had the "I'm going to kill someone" scowl on his face (the one that last place teams and New York beat writers have grown accustomed to) as opposed to the "I want my mommy" look that appears during World Series games and pennant stretch matchups with Atlanta. For the team that signed his paychecks for four and a half seasons? "Oh, it's on".

Of course, he came in with his chest pumped ready to throw one through the catcher...and I see he got the first two guys out. But the ghosts of Chuck Knoblauch reared their ugly head for him as Victor Diaz doubled, and he walked a senior citizen. Presumably, the "I want my mommy" look returned. But he escaped as Chris Woodward flied out to center for a win-streak snapping 2-1 Giants win.

Well Armando, hooray for're baaaad. No doubt you pointed to the sky and pranced around like a fool while you wore your emotional "bad boy" mask again for the latest in your "rampage against your former team in meaningless games for your team" string of saves.

Go ahead, Armando. Go ahead and conceal your true self all you want. We know better. We know who the real Armando Benitez is. And we hope you find your mommy.


Interesting tidbit regarding Dae Sung Sisk in Saturday's Daily News:

Reliever Dae-Sung Koo's on-field performance might have merited a demotion anyway, but the southpaw angered teammates and earned a ticket to Norfolk on Sunday by telling coaches he was available to pitch before the game, then declining to warm up once the call came to the bullpen, according to team insiders. As a result, Aaron Heilman had to pitch an extra inning and Roberto Hernandez was forced to warm up. Koo had pitched for the first time in 11 days the previous night and allowed a two-run single to Washington's Ryan Church while throwing seven straight fastballs. The insistence on exclusively throwing that pitch also raised eyebrows. Mike Jacobs had been told he was being demoted Sunday; that decision was reversed 15 minutes later.
Dae Sung Sisk's insubordination cleared the way for Mike Jacobs to break through as the Mets' first thanks, and good luck in your travels, Mr. Koo. Maybe if you weren't such a blockhead and threw your 슬라이더 a little more, you might still be here.

(Editor's note: if you are seeing four squares in the last paragraph, I had a bright idea to use the Korean word for "slider" in that space...without realizing that not everyone could see it. If you do not see Korean letters, but rather four squares, then please accept my apology for not giving you the optimal blogging experience.)


A hate list update:

Not only did Mike Stanton give up a home run to the 99 lb. David Eckstein, he gave up a home run to the 99 lb David Eckstein who faked a bunt and then swung away!

Eckstein is 2 HR's away from his career high of eight...yet oddly enough, he's escaped the steroid rumors. Check his bat.


And another note on hate: These guys don't like this guy. And I can't say I blame them.

Well, they're not going to like this news.

And neither do I...because if Luis Aguayo and Brian Jordan had a child, it would be Michael Tucker.


erik love said...

Hey Met$tra, I don't understand the Koo thing. The Mets asked the guy to warm up and he said no? He can't be that stupid.

I want to punch Benitez in the face.

When he jumped up and down, pounding his Chest after striking out Cliff Floyd at Shea. I was sick.

That was the last game I've been too. I'll be there on Pedro Night against the Phillie's.

Metstradamus said...

I guess he can be that stupid. The Mets have had their share of brain surgeons. I'm not surprised.

Mets Guy in Michigan said...

Freaking Armando. If he had been able to get the job done with the Mets, he'd still be their closer (and pitching in a pennant race.) This guy just doesn't have his head screwed on right.