Monday, August 29, 2005

Shoulda, Woulda...

"I guess I should have thrown a no-hitter." -Steve Trachsel

What exactly does Steve Trachsel have to do to get his job back?

Trachsel, for now, has apparently lost his spot in the starting rotation, as it will shake out to be Seo, Pedro, and Glavine against the Phillies, then Zambrano, Benson, and Seo again in Florida. It was reported at one point that Zambrano was inserted due to his success at Dolphins Stadium...but it seems to be more permanent. According to the link, Omar Minaya and Trachsel's agents are talking...reportedly, it's not about a trade demand (what else could it be? Does Trachsel have a bonus clause for number of starts or number of innings?)

No matter how you feel about a guy losing his job due to injury, you have to feel for Trax...he pitched an eight inning two hitter in a 1-0 game! He was everything you want!

Yeah, someone's gotta go...a six man rotation doesn't work for everybody. The Mets problem is that none of the starters can make a seamless transition to the bullpen...but Trachsel is the LEAST adaptable between him, Seo, and Zambrano to be placed in the pen.

Let's review: Jae Seo earned his way on to the rotation with shutout baseball. Steve Trachsel isn't afforded the same luxury? Is he being sacrificed for Victor Zambrano? Is he being sacrificed to justify a horrific 2004 deadline day trade? If so, it's just another in a long line of bad Met "cover your hide" decisions.

The prophecy: If agents are talking to GM's, someone is getting wheeled. It may not even be Trachsel. It could be Zambrano, who has reportedly cleared waivers along with Trachsel. But someone will go. Perhaps for a good veteran lefty reliever? (Editor's note, 4:26 PM...well lookee here...)


Mets Guy in Michigan said...

Trach is getting screwed. There must be a deal in the works here. Why else would they do it?

Now, who do you think is getting traded? Is it Trach, or could it be Glavine? Would Seo, give his age and salary, be more attractive to teams?

Would it have to be an American League team? You don't think they'd deal with another wild card contender.

We're dealing with a lot of heavy stuff.

Metstradamus said...

I don't think it's Glavine because he only needs one more out for one of his contract tiers to kick in for next season. Trachsel, Seo and Zambrano are all cheap...but I don't think it will be Seo.

You're right on the button...Trax is getting screwed. For him to be here through the dark times...then have to go to the minors TWICE...once to work out a mechanical problem, and once because of his back...then return and pitch a gem...and have it all be for this? Just put Zambrano in the pen and deal with it next season unless someone bowls you over with a deal.