Friday, August 26, 2005

Industrial Strength

That wasn't a blitz, that was a blountz. -Ed Norton

Put away those brooms. This four game sweep in Arizona was accomplished with one of those street sweepers...a street sweeper equipped with special Sherman tank action. And death rays. Oh, and maybe oozies...yeah yeah. That would be cool. If I drove one of those...I could get chicks! Yeah yeah! Heh heh! Heh heh! Mmmm heh heh! Heh heh!!! That rules!!!

(Settle down Beavis.)

Pedro Martinez labored (or laboured, if you're from Montreal) through six innings, yet still flirted with a no-hitter through five, and (gasp!) the bullpen (Heilman, Hernandez, and Looper) held his lead!!! The Mets win four on the road and the bullpen holds a Martinez lead?

What in the name of Jeff Musselman is going on here?

Oh, and Pedro didn't forget to send a little message to the Diamondbacks for plunking Kaz Matsui last was a message that said: "You don't want Victor Diaz to tag with a 17 run lead? Don't give up 58 hits in a game, chooch!" And after Luis Gonzalez felt the wrath of Pedro's plunking, the Diamondbacks sat and stayed like the dogs they are, and the Mets had a nice tidy 3-1 win wrapped up.

Diaz was no slouch, with a home run and a sac fly RBI in the ninth for the big insurance run. Mike Jacobs hit into a double play for the other run (no RBI), plus a big hit in the ninth to set up the insurance run. So much for youth being wasted on the young...not on these two.

So now it's Steve Trachsel making his season debut tomorrow against Kevin Correia, as the six man rotation rolls on. The Mets creep ever closer to the Braves and Phillies, who were both idle today. The Giants, who are a game and a half worse than the Diamondbacks, are another team ready to have their clocks cleaned.

The street sweeper rolls on.


Metstradamus said...

Can't hate Doc. Pity him.

Mets Guy in Michigan said...

Gooden is as big a tragedy as there is in New York sports, and one of the ultimate Met "what ifs?". If that guy was able to stay clean, I have not doubt that he would have been in the Hall of Fame today.

Anonymous said...

Jacobs didn't get an RBI on that double play ball.

Metstradamus said...

Wow, you're RBI. I thought batters got RBI's on double plays.

Well that's what I get for napping until the third inning. Thanks.

Metstradamus said...

Right after my daily glass of prune juice and my denture cleaning.