Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I can't handle prosperity.

I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to attack tonight's 14-1 win. And I can't do it.

It's going a little bit too well.

It seems like the ascension of the roller coaster that has been the very symbol of this Mets season. The Mets win 3 out of 4...Danny Graves gets DFA'd...the Mets win another game by 13 runs...they're 5 games over .500 for the first time since 2002...the Astros are slipping...and all I can think is "when does the drop come?"

Maybe the worst truly is over. Maybe the collision between Beltran and Cameron was the low point, and the Victor Diazes (2 RBI's Tuesday) and the Heath Bells and the Mike Jacobses (second HR on Tuesday) are the meek that are starting to inherit the sinking earth known as Shea Stadium. Maybe this isn't just a big tease and that the Mets are finally realizing that teams like the Diamondbacks and Giants are teams that are supposed to be beaten...whether the games are at Shea, the BOB, Pac Bell, Antarctica, or on Jupiter. Maybe the parts are all truly coming together, and the Mets will play up to their talent on paper.

But as the song goes, "In a New York Minute...everything can change."

Where's the drop?


Victor Zambrano has Ishii-itis.

Every time rumors flew around Ishii losing his spot in the rotation, he would pitch a gem.

Tonight, rumors flew about Zambrano's spot in the rotation, with Steve Trachsel returning from the DL. So what does Zambrano do? Of course...he goes 8 innings and gives up only one run.


A Hall of Hate update:

Is Jeff Kent a racist?



In his own world?

Or just a man who, when you look at him, you want to nail him with a right cross?

I smell poll.


Here's some perspective to lay on you...Doc Gooden is six years younger than Julio Franco.


erik love said...

I go all around on my shit list, you do the same on your hate list. Average age of last night's lineup, 26. You have to love that Met$tra, even a hater like you can. This season might just turn into a story where kid's carry us to the Post Season.

Metstradamus said...

After a 14-1 Met win, it's hard to hate anything Mets related.

Youth is good, to be sure.