Friday, August 12, 2005

Reserve Duty

Well, here's your chance, Victor Diaz.

None of us wanted it to happen this way, but here it is.

But be careful. Because Willie is going with hot hands from here on out. If your hand isn't hot, you'll just be part of the Woodward/Anderson rotation...just like at first base.

Oh yeah, have you learned to play first base yet?

Your minor league stats are impressive...a .300 average, a .352 OBP, a .541 SLG. 10 HR's and 34 RBI's in 170 at bats. You have even shown flashes here at the major league level.

Well, now's your chance. The team is counting on you more than ever. Given the current state of the Mets, this many team oriented hopes haven't been placed upon a rookie since Gregg Jeffries. (The high hopes surrounding David Wright's call up last season were more about a long-term career rather than the Mets hopes for that season). The Mets are still relatively in the wild card hunt...and with a big win streak? Who knows, the division may still be within reach.

But playoff hopes rest on a 24 year old with 175 career at bats. Victor Diaz, everyone is depending on you. For better or worse.


Friday: Victor Zambrano (6-9, 4.00 ERA) vs. Jeff Weaver (10-8, 4.34 ERA)
Saturday: Jae Seo (3-1, 1.42 ERA) vs. D.J. Houlton (4-5, 5.49)
Sunday: Pedro Martinez (12-4, 3.00 ERA) vs. Brad Penny (5-7, 3.50 ERA)

Victor Zambrano's last start against the Dodgers was on July 22nd...and it was a horror show (10 hits and 6 runs in 5 and 2/3 innings). Jeff Weaver, who gave up 5 runs in six innings that Friday night, got the win thanks to the Dodgers bullpen.

The day after that was Martinez's last start against the Dodgers, and it wasn't up to snuff (5 runs and 8 hits in 7 innings) but he got the win against D.J. Houlton (thanks to the same Dodgers pen).

Jae Seo has a career 1.42 ERA against L.A. in 13 and 2/3 innings.


One last item...according to the Philadelphia Daily News:

If the Orioles got Rafael Palmeiro through waivers, there are reports that the White Sox and Mets could be interested in trading for him.
However you feel about steroids, and the hall of fame, and congressional hearings...after what happened on the Petco outfield grass yesterday, the Mets may not have a choice but to pursue this as an option for the rest of the season.


Mets Guy in Michigan said...

What do you think about giving Milledge a taste of the bigs? Obviously it's rushing him. But when the alternative is Ice, is there a downside?

pj said...

"The team is counting on you more than ever. Given the current state of the Mets, this many team oriented hopes haven't been placed upon a rookie since Gregg Jeffries."

The Braves haven't laid this kind of pressure on the kids they've brought up this year.

NY seems to forget that money is not a salve for adversity. The most expensive player available (Palmeiro, Sweeney, Ramirez) is not always the is almost never the solution. It would be pretty cool if the Mets went nuts and made the wild card, but I'd be pretty happy if we used this year to build up for a run at the division netxt year.

p.s. the Braves are rebuilding and winning the division at the same time.

Metstradamus said...

Dave, if Beltran was going to be out an extended period of time then it would be an interesting idea. I'd hate to bring up Milledge for three days then have him sit for long stretches. Ice is apparently at his best when firmly planted on the bench, so as long as Ice only plays three games at most, then I'd say leave Milledge where he is and let him play.

PJ, the only difference (besides 7 and a half games in the standings) is that the Braves haven't had two outfielders crack their skulls they haven't had to ask Jeff Franceour to carry a team

The Mets meanwhile needed another big bat when they HAD Cammy and Beltran. Now they need a bat in the worst way. Diaz is being asked to grow up quickly. (And so far tonight, he's been OK, no?)