Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Calling In A Favor

Apparently Mike Jacobs' presence in the lineup was all because of a favor.

See what happens after a regime change within the family? I mean, John Franco was the one that allegedly had the mob ties, yet nothing like this seemed to get done.


So who benefits and who is hurt by a six-man rotation?

Pedro? More rest can only benefit him.
Benson? He'll benefit from extra rest in the short term.
Glavine? His numbers have been pretty much the same on 4 days rest than on 5 days rest, so he probably will not be affected either way.
Seo? For someone who is in a good rythmn as Seo is, this might hurt him. And you don't want a throw a change-up like Seo has with too strong an arm.
Zambrano? This hurts him, because Zambrano is the one who's one bad start away from sharing a bench with Aaron Heilman.
Trachsel? This might help him. Trachsel's best months statistically are August and September. But guess what? Throw it out because for Trachsel, it's practically April. And guess what Trachsel's worst statistical month is? That's right, it's April, with a 13-23 with a 4.94 ERA. So any adjustment from Trachsel's normal April routine can't hurt.

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