Saturday, August 20, 2005

Hall Of Hate: The Final Results

The votes are in, and I find it ironic that the week I'm in Las Vegas, a man nicknamed "The Gambler" is the runaway winner of the fan voting for the Hall of Hate.

Kenny Rogers, Derek Jeter, Mo Vaughn, Joe Randa, and M.Donald Grant have received induction into the Metstradamus Hall of Hate, as voted by you, the fans.

Rogers, who walked in the winning run in Game 6 of the 1999 NLCS, plans to attend any ceremony that might be held, but only if there are no cameras.

Jeter, who was the MVP of the 2000 World Series and considered by some to be the most overrated player in baseball, will attend. But as per his custom, during his induction speech, he will not allow anyone to applaud unless he applauds first.

Mo Vaughn, who is fat, said that he would like to put together the menu for the official Hall of Hate induction dinner.

Joe Randa, who looks like Cesar Romero, has promised to learn how to spell "Metstradamus".

And Tim Grant, the son of the late M. Donald Grant has announced that he will commemorate the occasion by trading David Wright for Dan Norman and a sack of Wheat Thins.

Below are the results of the voting, where the top 5 recieved induction:

Kenny Rogers: 86 Derek Jeter: 57 Mo Vaughn: 53 Joe Randa: 43 M.Donald Grant: 41

Pete Rose: 37 (Pete Rose not being inducted...what a shock. Maybe he can open up a wing of the Pete Rose hall of fame by my house!) Jeff Torborg: 34 Dick Young: 32 Joe Torre: 26 Richie Hebner: 20 Jim Duquette: 20 Tony Fernandez:19 (The shock of the voting for me. He may be the Jim Rice of the Hall of Hate.) Doug Sisk: 19 Eddie Murray: 15 Anthony Young: 9 Gene Walter: 6 Alejandro Pena: 5

Write ins:

Leo Mazzone: 1 Carlos Delgado: 1 Buster Olney: 1 John Sterling: 1 Keyshawn Johnson: 1 (I really shouldn't count this, but I hate Keyshawn too.) The Atlanta Braves: 1 John Schuerholz: 1 Bobby Cox: 1 Braden Armando Effin Looper: 1 FacePrint Global Solutions: 1

Here now is an official list of all the inductees of the Metstradamus Hall of Hate:

Mike Scioscia-Charter Member
Jeff Kent-Charter Member
Robby Alomar-Charter Member
Rey Ordonez-Charter Member
Larry Jones-Charter Member
Bobby Bonilla-Charter Member
Vince Coleman-Charter Member
Ken Griffey Jr.-Charter Member
Roger Clemens-Charter Member
Mike Hampton-Charter Member
Mike Scott-Charter Member
John Tudor-Charter Member
David Wells-Charter Member
Armando Benitez-Charter Member
John Rocker-Charter Member
Donne Wall-Charter Member
Mike Stanton-Charter Member
Mike DeJean-Charter Member
Brian Jordan-Charter Member
Eddie Perez-Charter Member
Pat Burrell-Charter Member
Terry Pendleton-Charter Member
Jose Vizciano-Charter Member
Pedro Guerrero-Charter Member
Juan Gonzalez-Charter Member
Whitey Herzog-Charter Member
Art Howe-Charter Member
Dallas Green-Charter Member
Al Harazin-Charter Member
The 1993 Home Uniforms-Charter Member
Kenny Rogers-Voted in 2005
Derek Jeter-Voted in 2005
Mo Vaughn-Voted in 2005
Joe Randa-Voted in 2005
M. Donald Grant-Voted in 2005


Anonymous said...

What, no one voted for T.O.?\

Excellent open letter to him.

Metstradamus said...

As a matter of fact...

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to disagree with the legions of Metsradamus fans, but Moo Vaughn never did ANYTHING for or against the mets; its not his fault that StevePhilme and Booby V or whoever, smoked a bong together and got him for one of the mets most productive starting pitchers, thus paving the way in my opinion for the Angels world series victory, a sucess that enabled them to go and steal Vlad the impaler from the Mets a little later. Moo couldn't bend over to pick up his strip club dollar, for chrisakes, how can you hate him? It was sooo fun to boo him, him being fat and all. I vote for a recount.

But it is a terrific hall, the inclusion of Brian Jordan makes you a connoisseur of hatred in my opinion:

Blownitiz-charter member
rey rey O-charter member
Rodger Roids Clemens -charter member

But where (in Jack Nicholson's Batman voice) are:

1)Timo (for his WS)

2) Cheatin' Mike Scott

Looking forward to Tom Glavine's induction ceremony.
best wishes...

come criticize my shitty new blog

Metstradamus said...

Thanks for the kind words...I was mildly surprised that Mo Vaughn made it and Tony Fernandez did not. But Mike Scott is indeed a charter member of the hall of hate.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, scott is there...whoops.

sorry, but i dug out my own eyes after this weekends Pedro start so reading has been tricky for me...

keep up the good work.


I.M. Forme said...

oh yeah, scott is there...whoops.

sorry, but i dug out my own eyes after this weekends Pedro start...

Anonymous said...

where on earth is steve phillips?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Gotta defend Big Mo for a bit. It actually was a colossal - if inadvertant - save for us. We got him for the Grape Ape's ridiculous contract, then got most of it covered by insurance. I'd rather have had that than two more years of pretending Kevin freakin' Appier was our ace. *shudder*

Anonymous said...

What about Chipper Jones and Pat Burrel!

Anonymous said...

Dontrelle Willis and Carlos Lee.

Metstradamus said...

Larry Jones (I do not call grown men "Chipper"), and Pat Burrell are on the original Hall of Hate team that is listed on this post...this vote was only to add to the list.

Anonymous said...

the wilpons?

Metstradamus said...

The 2006 vote will include all of your ideas. I have to admit...I keep forgetting about Mel Rojas.

And Jeff Wilpon will definitely be a candidate next year.