Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Iconic Angel (Almost)

From Jayson Stark's insider rumblings:
The Mets weren't always sure if they were buying or selling before the deadline. But the rumblings won't die that they talked a couple of times about moving Piazza to the Angels, where he could have DH'd down the stretch -- and possibly changed his last name to Molina for a catching stint or two. At one point, according to clubs that spoke with the Angels and Mets, New York asked for the Angels' top catching prospect, Jeff Mathis. At another point, the Mets tried to get shortstop phenom Erick Aybar. But the Angels had no interest in moving either of those guys for anyone, let alone a rent-a-DH.
Interesting that they would have talked about a blue-chip shortstop prospect with Jose Reyes employed by the Mets...unless they would have flipped Aybar in a seperate "buy-mode" deal. I have a feeling if Mathis is involved though, he would have stayed put.

If those were the two guys Minaya brought up though, it's no wonder the deal never happened.


michael o. said...

Wow. Good job Omar. Never hurts to throw it out there and either of would have been great.

erik love said...

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