Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Tattoos Fade From Memory

The other shoe dropped today, clearing the way for Steve Trachsel to return from his injury. And while the names of Mike Jacobs and Jose Offerman were thrown around, the victim was none other than Danny Graves.

Call it a case of tattoo removal.

"Tattoo You" was designated for assignment today to make room for Trachsel in a move sure to delight Met fans everywhere (especially the ones along the first base line on Saturday according to Lisa Olson.) Graves has had exactly the same number of innings pitched with the Mets as he has with the Reds this season (18 and 1/3). You wouldn't believe it but his Met numbers are slightly better than his Red numbers. But they were still not good enough to justify a roster spot. With Trachsel back, there was really no room for him...so now he goes, possibly to help the Norfolk Tides (let's see if he makes that 16 and 1/2 game lead seem as slim as he made that 8 run lead on Saturday night, Tattoo You's Waterloo).

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