Monday, August 08, 2005

Billy Goats And Black Cats

Well, so far so good for the new mascot.

Or maybe the Cubs haven't yet developed the proper immunity to black cats.

In any event, with the help of Sweepea (right) the Mets may have delivered the knockout blow to the Cubs playoff hopes (remember Craig Brazell?) for the second season in a row by finishing off an impressive sweep with a 6-1 victory in the battle of the Zambranos.

Victor Zambrano added to the Mets great run of starting pitching with a stellar eight inning performance, making sure that bullpen gets plenty more rest on the way to San Diego. Glavine, Seo, and Victor have been exactly what the doctor ordered.

When Carlos Beltran, who reached on an error with two outs in the first, scored all the way from first base on Cliff Floyd's single, you could basically paint the game was another in a long line of strange plays from this series that doomed the Cubs fate. Between Todd Walker's bonehead decision, Nomar Garciaparra's indecision, and Beltran's speed, is there any doubt that the Cubs were done in by outside forces?


Thank you David Eckstein. (I knew there was a reason I voted him on the all-star team.)


Have any of those kids from the Tom Emanski commercials made the major leagues? I mean, when did that commercial debut...1975?


With all the White Sox rumors revolving around Junior, it's obvious after tonight that it's actually the Cubs that could really use him.


How does two years on Saturday Night Live get you a book deal and a sports column on a major website? And the line about rooting for the Mets this season because they hired a Yankee...GET OFF OUR BANDWAGON YOU YANKEE SPY TRAITOR HACK!


erik love said...

You Voted for Eck instead of Jose Reyes? I hate you Metstra!! BTW, Is Reyes going to break the Mets hitting streak record of 24 games? And if so when will it end?

Thanks Metstra,

Metstradamus said...


Sorry. Eck did deserve it. If the balloting was held right now? I would have cast a different vote.

And with the Mets on the west coast, no Peavy, a big ballpark to hit lots of triples and dunk singles, 24 is within reach, absolutely.

Mike McKasty said...

Metstradamus, your ability to forcast a sweep of the cubs won't go unnoticed. once again you provide a perfect amount of humor, sarcasm, and reserved hope in your posts. Do you see Anderson Hernandez getting the call before the rosters expand, or will Cairo have to get hurt again before that happens?

Metstradamus said...

Mike Mac,

In my very humble opinion, I don't see it for the pure fact that Steve Trachsel and Kaz Matsui are due to return to the club at some point, which means the Mets have to make decisions with two players on the major league club. With Offerman pinch hitting well, it's going to be a tough call there. But I don't think there's any room...even if Kaz Matsui clears waivers and is traded by the end of August.

And I think as long as the Mets are in the race, they'll sooner turn to veterans than turn to a player that started the season in double A.