Thursday, August 11, 2005

Pocket Rockets

This is the portion of the blog where I get Yankee fan darth marc all hacked off at me and tell me "Kris Benson isn't an ace...Aaron Small, now there's an ace!"

Kris Benson: 8 innings, 3 hits, one run, six K's in Wednesday's 9-1 a performance that was ultra-important if only because it followed a Pedro Martinez loss. That's what stoppers do.

Darth can poo-poo me all he wants (and rest assured he will, probably by calling me an infidel), but he can go take a flying leap into the Yankee Stadium protective net as far as I'm concerned. I'll say it once again...Kris Benson is pitching as though he is an ace, and he and Pedro are the reasons this team is still in the hunt.


So Cliff Floyd is 0 for 2, flying out deep to right field twice with flies that would have been home runs pretty much everywhere else. David Wright is two for two with three with three RBI's. And Floyd is up with first base open against a righty with Wright on deck. What do you do?

Pitch to Floyd and trust that your ballpark that has Floyd's power alley 411 feet away will hold him once again? Or walk Floyd and pitch to David Wright for the righty/righty matchup against struggling pitcher Brian Lawrence?

Bruce Bochy chose door number two...and won one hundred pounds of canned squid.


This was David Wright's second six RBI game. The other one took place on August 5th of last season in an 11-6 win over the Brewers. Dave Kingman holds the club record for RBI's in a game with eight.


More stat stuff:

Cliff Floyd and Jose Reyes had 20 or more game hit streaks in the same season. It's the third time in club history that two players have had hit streaks of 20 or more. Cleon Jones (23) and Tommie Agee (20) did it in 1970, and Edgardo Alfonzo and Butch Huskey both hit in 20 straight in 1997.

One of those names just doesn't belong.


Musings on tonight's game from Friar Faithful:

"The Mets started Jose Offerman at first base. I am not making this s**t up. Ed Kranepool pinch-hit for him in the top of the seventh."

Obviously Ed Kranepool has retired long ago and did not pinch hit, as Lance was slightly exaggerating.

It was Willie Montanez.


metswalkoffs said...


where do you get all this great artwork (Ie: willie montanez and the piazza caricature, and joe randa's hs yearbook photo)...they call me "Googlemaster" in my real job but you truly are the king of such...

where would i be able to find an original version of the piazza caricature?

Metstradamus said...

Mark, I wish I had some really cool secret to impart on you but I just run "Google Images" searches just like you!

That picture was on this website:

In terms of an original? I wish I knew. The signature on the caricature is reeeeeally small.

Anonymous said...

I would like to officially start the Free Bret Harper chant now.

Mets Guy in Michigan said...

Thanks for the heads-up about Double Duty. I've gone back and updated that story. What a remarkable life!

Keep up the outstanding work!

erik love said...

Hey Metstra, You are slipping man. Big Time.

Now, after Tuesday's amazing bare-handed catch, Doug Mientkiewicz, a Gold Glover himself, wants to be his date to next year's ESPYs award show.

"He totally better take me," Mientkiewicz said. "Because if that's not the play of the year, I'll protest. He better not have a girlfriend by then."

That's gottta make the quote book.

Metstradamus said...

Au contrare, I did see that. It's going in, not to worry!

Metstradamus said...

erik, it's in.

Thank you as always for being part of the solution.

Darth Marc said...


Kris Benson is pitching very well...Not quite an ace...but a very good number two.

Now cease with the verbal shots at me before I cut off your prison internet privileges and kill your entire family.