Monday, August 22, 2005

Random Items That Just Plain Bug The Ever Loving Bejesus Out Of Me

Remember the Yankee-Hater hat that Curt Schilling brought into our conciousness after he was traded to Boston? Well, it took a year and a half, but the Yankees finally have an answer. I was at Kennedy Airport on Friday when I saw a guy wearing a Red Sox hat...or what I thought was a Red Sox hat. The "B" was backwards.

I thought it was one of those irregular hats that escaped the factory.

No, because I noticed on the side, there was printing that said "Red Sox Hater".

Is that the best that Yankee fans could come up with? I mean, the hat must be popular, so popular that I can't even find a picture of it on the 'net. A backwards "B"? And the hat looked like it was printed at a four foot stand in the Queens Center Mall. Lame. I can just hear Michael Kay now:

"The New York Yankees...the world's most reknown sports franchise...our fans don't have to be smart and clever, because their team has won more world championships than any team in the history of professional sports. Come to the stadium on Wednesday for Jason Giambi sponge night..."


Not only does Yankee blogger Darth Marc bug me, he should bug you too.

First, he predictably takes the low road regarding the Cameron/Beltran collision.

Then he attempts to justify it (yes, I really did wallpaper his office with Rally Monkeys in greatest work to date).

Now, he has to gall to claim he's a better soothsayer than yours truly.

Let's get two things straight:

  1. He's excited because he predicted his team would lose on Sunday and they did. Newsflash: There was only one other possibility. You had a 50/50 chance.
  2. And to quote him: "Hindsight is 20/20, but Loaiza would look pretty good as a four or five starter for us right about now, huh?" Well, in my case, foresight was 20/20, because I told Darth Marc in November that the Yankees should hold on to Loiaza, due to the fact that he learned Mariano Rivera's cutter, and was strong in the playoffs.

But I supposedly have nothing on him when it comes to playing soothsayer. OK Darth Fraud, keep honing your comedic really, I'm in stitches.


And since we're on the subject of predictions, I got one more for you...

With Scott Rolen out for the season, don't be surprised if former Met Edgardo Alfonzo, who has cleared waivers, winds up in St. Louis before August 31.

Top that.


Darth Marc said...

That's it...we're cutting off internet access for death row inmates...

Darth Marc said...

For the record...the Imperial Council does not condone such weak images like the Red Sox hater hats...

metswalkoffs said...


welcome back...any basis in fact on the alfonzo rumor, or is that just a fan's wishful thinking/prognostication?

Metstradamus said...

Thanks Mark Simon (full names here due to the lurking of a certain Yankee blogger)!

No basis whatsoever. Alfonzo drove in two against the Cards yesterday, and they have a rookie there, so there seems to be a match. But I haven't heard any sort of talk.