Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Tracking Trades

Here's some stuff to get you through the rest of your day...

The Red Sox have popped up in Steve Trachsel trade discussions.

If this were to happen (which there seems to be a small chance of), I would wish Steve Trachsel the very best of luck in the playoffs and against the Evil Empire. But you know what I would wish for most of all?

Craig Hansen.


Mike Piazza is getting radio hosts fired.

Joe Namath was probably involved in more "off the field" stories and sidebars than any other New York athlete ever.

I wonder if Piazza is second.


Yeah, this World Cup of Baseball isn't going to be a complete waste of time.

Trenidad Hubbard?

Chris Latham?

If Davey Johnson squints reeeeeeeally hard, maybe he'll see Lenny Dykstra, Kevin Mitchell, and Mookie Wilson roaming the outfield.

But David Fisher from "Six Feet Under" had similar visions and he died. So it seems as if Johnson is in a no win situation.


And hopefully, one day soon, a great city will look great again...

And Zephyr field will be up and running for some New Orleans Zephyr baseball...

I saw the Zephyrs play the Oklahoma RedHawks that night, and the RedHawks are doing their part for hurricane relief after the Zephyrs cancelled their last three home games.

Here is how you can help.


erik love said...

That Mike Piazza story is freakin funny. I didn't know Mike was that big a rock junkie. I did see him bop his head once to Outkast at the VMA's.

What kind of music you like Met$tra?

erik love said...

Met$tra, Matt at Metsblog has a picture of Mike Piazza, that HAS to go on your site man. It's freakin funny!

Anonymous said...

Very sad, what's going on in New Orleans. It's unfortunate that some people are using this tragedy as an opportunity for looting. I guess it's not really surprising though, considering the extreme poverty that exists there, just a few mere blocks from the French Quarter.

Metstradamus said...

e-love, that Piazza pic is hysterical...especially giving the horns with a CAST ON HIS HAND!!!

Vinny, you are correct. Even the police have given up to some extent on the looting, they figure that people have to eat. I saw footage of people looting the Walgreens on Canal St. that I was in just 10 months ago to buy cotton balls. (A guy looted a box of A-1 Steak Sauce.)

It's heartbreaking.

Metstradamus said...

Sorry, I meant to write 10 WEEKS ago...not 10 months.