Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Giving The Fans What They Want

"Hey Mike, do you think you can hit a Home run tonite?"

-4fgg, asked on a Mike Cameron cell phone webchat, 8/2/2005

If only "4fgg" was a dying little boy in a hospital bed, who suddenly was cured after Cameron's tying home run in the ninth inning...that would make the story easier to sell to ABC.

Cameron was the hitting star tonight, going 4 for 6 (and was robbed of going 6 for 6 by the Brewers defense), with a huge home run off of a Derrick Turnbow heater with one out in the ninth to send the game into extras. The last man on the bench, Mike Piazza, got a pinch hit walk off walk in the 11th inning for a 9-8 victory over Milwaukee.

So now that Cammy is calm and he doesn't have to worry about any trades (unless Minaya puts Cameron on waivers which would basically send him to the looney bin forever), hopefully the hits don't stop. The Mets lineup as a whole has been great since 4 PM Sunday came and gone, getting at least 17 hits in the last two games.

But credit that bullpen...Aaron Heilman, Juan "The Fly" Padilla, and yes Braden Looper in particular, for keeping the Mets close and mopping up nicely for Victor Zambrano, who apparently has ran out of Rick Peterson's magic elixir. Notice that two of the last three starts, Zambrano was rocked...and it was the two starts where Zambrano didn't walk anyone. Hmmmmm.


Ken Rosenthal has an interesting take on the lack of activity at the trade deadline. If this keeps up, could it mean more trades in the future that are based solely on baseball needs, and not on salary dumps?


Larry Jones strained his rotator cuff in Tuesday night's win against Cincinnati. So what ten year old is going to come up from Richmond to replace Larry and be the next Hank Aaron?


Did I see right? Did Al Leiter throw 78 pitches in two innings for the Yankees Tuesday night?


One thousand one hundred and ninety people viewed this website over the past 23 hours. That's more than a typical Montreal Expos crowd.

The only person more shocked than me is my wife...she still thinks that it was just one person logging on as 1,190 different people to make me feel good.

To those of you who visited, feel free to stop by always, I'll provide the dip (that would be me). I apologize in advance for the piles of garbage you have to sift through to get to the one line that actually amuses you.

To those who referred to me, my humblest thank you.


Anonymous said...

keep it my are amazing


Anonymous said...

What the anonymous guy said. I read it all the time, I'm just too lazy to add comments. Did you catch the Newsday article this morning? Ishii was sent down, Seo called up. About damn time.

Metstradamus said...

Well that is certainly good news to wake up to Rob, thanks. Strange timing, with Trachsel due back soon, you wonder why they waited so long.

Anonymous said...

according to what i have seen...trachsel is starting for the B-Mets on Saturday so he is in line to take over Ishii's spot in the rotation...

Rumor has it...and we all know how reliable rumors can be...that seo will be called up for that game against the cubs on saturday, thereby ending the tenure of the beloved Kaz Ishii..

yea right

Anonymous said...

ishii's official website makes me laugh


Anonymous said...

I don't care what Mrs. Metstradamus asserts ... I only logged on 1,112 times!