Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Dead Last...and Politicians Gone Wild

Sports Illustrated ranks the major league stadiums in terms of "bang for the buck". Shea Stadium?

Dead last.

Thirty out of thirty.

A sampling of parks ranked ahead of Shea:

I'll keep this in mind as I travel through my "barren neighborhood", and pay top tier money to sit in the "concrete mess" that is Shea Stadium on...a "charmless park in a charmless neighborhood"...on Thursday afternoon.


Then there's this: Fernando Ferrer (posing as a Yankee fan) and Anthony Weiner (using the Mets for political gain) are using this baseball blood war to further their campaign for mayor of New York.

Please boys, leave us out of it. You want to have snippy political arguments about issues that you're making up anyway? Fine. But until you can name the shortstop which preceded Derek Jeter...until you can name me the winning pitcher in the first regular season matchup in Subway Series history, until you learn to spell Telgheder, Monbouqette, or Spehr, then don't involve us in your made for local television arguments. Thank you.


Mets Guy in Michigan said...

OK, SI got my goat...and chickens, pigs and the rest of the darn barnyard.

Oakland at No. 15? Are they nuts? taht place is a complete disaster!!!

The Yanks have a better neighborhood than Shea? The South Bronx??

Milwaukee is indeed a fine stadium and a fun place to see a game. Took my son there last year and we had a blast. But how does it get a 7 for neighborhood? THERE IS NO NEIGHBORHOOD! It's all lots and freeways! The tailgating is fun, but that does not make a neighborhood.

Tampa Bay at 23 -- above Shea? The Trop is the true No. 30, and I dare anyone to tell me otherwise.

Dodger Stadium is an amazing place, and it's 25 out of 30? Behind Tampa Bay and Oakland?

About the only thing they got right is that Comerica is pretty crappy.

Metstradamus said...

I wish I had been to more of the stadiums so I could be a better judge...but how Dolphins Stadium gets a 4 for atmosphere is beyond me. And just as with Milwaukee, I'll say "what neighborhood"? There is nothing within walking distance of Dolphins stadium...NOTHING!

Darth Marc said...

That list is a joke. Please. Everyone know how much I hate Shea and the Mets, and I wouldn't rank it last. There are dumps far worse than Shea on that list....

Darth Marc said...

BTW, thanks for giving me post material...this list is awful!!!