Tuesday, July 26, 2005


It was dog night at Coors Field.

And there were even some dogs in the stands too.

When the Mets scored three to take the lead in the fourth, it seemed as if everything was going to be all right...it was the second time through the line up for Jose Acevedo...wait a minute, Jose Ace-WHO? The Mets couldn't muster more than one stinkin' rally off of Jose Acevedo? It was his first start of the season? One rally?

And an "attaboy" for Tom Glavine. When he really needed to, he threw a perfect strike...of course the perfect strike was the paper cup he threw down to the floor in the dugout.

It was the 1998 All-Star game at Coors Field all over again, except that instead of Robby Alomar, Alex Rodriguez, and Cal Ripken doing the damage, Glavine was beaten by the immortal Danny Ardoin and future Hall of Famer Anderson Machado.

Meanwhile, Omar Minaya is waking up John Hart from a deep nap by calling his cell phone to beg for Alfonso Soriano...and after tonight Minaya will offer Hart the entire Binghamton Mets roster, the rights to Mr. Met, and ten Premio Sausage stands. "We need a stick!" he says nervously after the Mets couldn't hit Mike DeJean.

MIKE DEJEAN for the love of God...MIKE DEJEAN!!!!!

Okay, I'm not going to panic yet. Tonight's 5-3 loss aside, there are still two games left with the Rockies. As long as they take the series they'll be all right...

Kaz Ishii pitches tomorrow, doesn't he?

I obviously picked a bad week to stop eating lead based paint.

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