Thursday, July 07, 2005

A Star In Name Only

Pedro Martinez is taking a rest during the all star break. News broke during the Mets pre-game show that Pedro will skip the 2005 All-Star game in Detroit due to a scheduled start two days earlier. According to the pre-game show, Pedro said "hopefully someone more deserving can attend".

"Paging Morgan Ensberg...Morgan Ensberg, white courtesy phone."

Shame that the one deserving Met out of the three will stay home, but when Pedro is concerned, rest is never a bad thing. I have a feeling there will be more beg-outs as the N.L. is concerned, and some of the snubbed such as Ensberg and Cliff Floyd will find their way into the game.


Early Thursday update:

Jose Reyes just drew a walk after going down 0-2. During the early stages of the Mets' Thursday tilt with the Nationals.

Reyes came around to score after a steal, a sac bunt, and a ground out. Now Jose, can you see? Can you see how being selective helps the club? Hopefully, knowledge is power.

However, Mike Piazza has killed yet another rally by waving at another off speed pitch away. So Reyes learns how to walk, but Willie Randolph can't learn to drop Piazza in the batting order. Baby steps, I guess.

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