Friday, July 15, 2005

Here's Hoping I'm NOT Right

Matthew at (and thanks for the plug yesterday Matt!) points us to speculation that Jim Thome could be wheeled by the Phillies to make room for Ryan Howard at first base.

When I made my predictions, I mentioned a trade for a first baseman. I was purposely vague because the player I had in mind seemed so far out there to be traded to the Mets, if at all, that I figured it best to keep my dopey scenario to myself.

The player I had in mind? Jim Thome.

Now don't get me wrong, I hope this deal doesn't have a chance in hell. Jim Thome is owed about $40 million through 2008, with a $13 million option for 2009. A lot of money for a player who isn't hitting his weight this season. At his best, he was a monster. Now he that monster may be pure albatross. And if what Omar Minaya is telling the truth in today's New York Post about making trades with the present and the future in mind, this is one prophecy that thankfully isn't coming true.


Anonymous said...

Good Lord Mestradamus, I HOPE our Mets don't trade for a broken down Jim Thome-he was never that good on the defensive side and the Mets have never had luck with injured in the twilight of their career types with the exception of Robin Ventura and that was only for a season and a half. I'd rather stick with Dougie M-at least when he does get a hit it's a clutchone and his defense is still far superior to anyone they will get at this point in time.

Metstradamus said...

I agree with you 200%. My only fear is that the Mets have done stupid things like this before.

Jayson Stark was just on ESPNEWS talking about the Thome rumors...he basically said that the Phillies would listen to offers for just about anyone...even Bobby Abreu. But they would want major league ready pieces in return to help them win now. I can see them getting good return for Abreu or Billy Wagner, who Stark also mentioned. But I don't see them getting a lot for Thome unless that monster contract is renegotiated, and I don't think there's a match with the Mets anyway.

I certainly don't want the Mets to be the team that officially starts Ryan Howard's full time would kind of like Mo Lewis knocking Drew Bledsoe on to loopy street and kicking off the hall of fame career of Tom Brady. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

I agree-the only possible match would be Billy Wagner and he hasn't exactly been lights out either. We don't need another outfielder in Abreu-I like our outfield especially if Cameron can hover around .270 with the batting average the rest of the way and Beltran comes on like he has been. The Mets have done TONS of stupid things like like going after guys like Thome before, I just hope they are smart enough not to take the bait thinking he's the answer to the first base problem this season, I think they need to look towards next year to solve that one.

Metstradamus said...

And here's a red flag: Wagner has been talking retirement after this season to be with his family. The only place he could go which would be good for him would be Washington, because his family is in No. Virginia, but the Nats have Chad Cordero who had what, a million saves in June?

Anonymous said...

the mets bullpen blows an 8 run lead, RIGHT AGAIN!!! you are good

Anonymous said...

really enjoyed it. Thanks!