Saturday, July 02, 2005

Offer-ing Up A Big E

Didn't see the whole game today. Didn't have to. In fact, all I saw were abridged highlights (not to mention the faces of Met fans on the Roosevelt Avenue train stop which told me pretty much the whole story). But I just want to ask one question:

Why is Jose Offerman playing first base?

Think about it: today's 7-3 loss to the Marlins was lost because they have a first baseman that is smart enough to outsmart Carlos Beltran into hitting a double play by letting a pop-up drop (although nobody should ever be outsmarted out of running to first base!!!) Meanwhile Willie Randolph employs a first baseman who's really a shortstop in disguise who gives the Marlins the lead by dropping a double play relay that my @#$%&*# mother could have caught!!!!

So Willie, let me get this straight because I'm just a blog writing moron. You have Chris Woodward, who has benefitted from my presence at Shea and my good vibes (and as you can tell, I'm all about good @#$%&*# vibes) by hitting a two run single, a double off the wall, and a game winning knock in the past two righthanded pitching no less. You have Brian Daubach (right), who is the only true first baseman on your bench (AND he's a lefty stick), and you play a guy who had forty two errors in a season? What exactly is your obligation to him? Is it because he's old as you? Is it because Daubach owns pictures of Mets officials in compromising positions?

With the second half of the season upon us, it's time for YOU, Willie Randolph, to be on top of your game. You wanted to manage in the number one market in the world. It's time to bear down and get it done. Frank Robinson has a team that everybody had last in the N.L. East...and he's getting it done. Bobby Cox has his whole roster in an Atlanta infirmary...and he's getting it done. YOU, Willie Randolph, have a roster that probably cost more than Washington's and Atlanta's combined. There are no more excuses. Your honeymoon is officially over. Your feet are wet. You know what you have (and if Jose Offerman's error didn't show you what you have then you'll be in Torborgville before you know it). Use it.

Get it done.

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't have said that better myself!